Reviews - Deepcool Quanta DQ1250 1250W
Sample Provided by: Deepcool (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-14-2014)

Page 1 - Marketing

It's springtime in Canada, and the delivery goose has just departed after dropping off today's review sample. That's him in the above shot, there, just after he used one wing to flip me off. Why did he flip me off? This is why:

Yes, folks, I'm looking at another monster power supply today. One that was apparently a little heavy for our goose delivery friend up there. You may recall us taking a look at our very first Deepcool unit back in February, which turned out to be a rather solid first effort from the company. Now, we're looking at Deepcool's biggest and best - the Quanta 1250 watt 80 Plus Platinum model.

As is the case with many review units I see, there's marketing on this here box. Looks like we are again being promised a fan delay on power off and fanless modes. I wonder if any of these will be present. You'll remember that being a bit of a sticking point for me on the 750W model.

According to the box, we are getting sixteen SATA connectors in total with this unit. That's-a lotta connectors.

The box also has a load table on it, right down to the simulated Engrish warranty voiding disclaimer. Refer servicing to qualified service. Words to live by. Hazardous area. Do not remove cover. No serviceable components inside.

That's what she said.

Opening the box for the first time, we find the same microscopic warranty card we saw in the DQ750 and no manual whatsoever. I'll just unpack now.

We have a power cord, bag of modular cables, power supply, screws, and that warranty card. That's all. No case stickers, no zip ties. Pretty bare bones for a flagship unit, if you ask me.

Wait... let me take a closer look at that power cord.

Uh-uh, Deepcool, that's not going to fly here. That's an 18 gauge power cord, entirely too small for 120V operation at this power level. Platinum or no, this unit is likely going to overdraw this line cord at full blast and present a fire hazard. Even at 100% efficiency, which is impossible, it would be almost too much power draw. For Pete's sake, the Antec 1300W Platinum unit I just reviewed came with a 14 gauge line cord. That's what should come with units this size, though technically you could probably get by with a 16 gauge. I'll know that for sure once I get some load testing done.

That's assuming the unit can really do 1250 watts, of course. Kind of reminds me of the Thermaltake Toughpower XT units we looked at. Those too came with line cords too small for the job. Wonder if they have anything else in common, like the OEM.

Here's the power supply itself. Nice, rugged finish, even though it doesn't really do that much for me.

Another angle for you, before we turn the page.


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