Reviews - Antec HCP-1300 Platinum 1300W
Sample Provided by: Antec (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Mar-19-2014)

Page 1 - Marketing

Back in September of last year, I reviewed the first model in Antec's new and improved High Current Pro line of units. And it certainly lived up to the "improved" part of that sentence. In fact, that model was just about the best thing to cross my test bench all year.

At the time, many of my readers wondered if I would ever get to work on the 1300 watt model in the line. Well, it's been a little bit of a wait but the day has come at last.

As is the case with many units we look at, there is some marketing to get through. Antec's been really busy in that area, apparently, because this box is just crammed full of it. I'll be honest - I'm a bit too rushed this week to go into each and every detail we've already seen before on the 850W model. Really, when you get right down to it, only Antec's OC Link marks itself as a unique feature. Everything else has already been done in some way by other manufacturers.

Well, except for that 28 pin motherboard socket thing for "possible future MBU connectors." But even that isn't too new to us - Enermax has been doing the "look, we used big connectors just in case the ATX spec changes" thing for years now. Have we seen any hints of changes to ATX mainboard connectors? No, we haven't. And we likely never will. Why? Because your garden variety 24 pin ATX connector already has enough connectivity to carry all the power your motherboard needs. In fact, it's now even missing one pin where the -5V wire used to be. About the only advantage I can see for expanding the ATX connector would be for cryptocurrency mining, where 12V draw through the mainboard for six or so video cards becomes too much for the connector, and we miners have long since found a way around that limitation through the use of powered PCI-E risers. Some motherboards even get around that completely though the use of extra PCI-E, SATA, or Molex connectors just for the PCI-E slots.

Ah well, it's certainly not hurting anything for Antec and Enermax to overbuild things for a future that may never come. It's just more of a way to stand out from the competition than anything.

On this side of the box, we discover that Antec is going with those "stealth wires" again. I like those. Some other companies make all the wires totally black to the point you don't have a clue which wires carry what voltage. These are black too, but they have a colored stripe along them so you know what's actually going on. They're very slick looking... I'll show you on the next page.

Still another side of the box continues the tradition begun on the back of the box to display all the marketing in almost every language known to humankind. We also get some helpful dimensions of the unit itself.

Told you this box was busy. On this side, we get some specs and some tech support information. You know what? I still haven't seen any indication of the temperature at which we can expect full power operation. If I can't find that, I'll just assume fifty degrees and go for that number.

This is the side of the box on which Antec attempts to sell you on 80 Plus Platinum by comparing numbers against units no longer being sold. 80 Plus Standard at 1300 watts? Doesn't happen anymore, if it ever did.

In reality, if you're comparing this against most Gold and Silver units of this size, it's going to take a massive amount of time before the energy savings offsets the purchase price of the unit. No, it's better to buy this unit based on it likely being a Delta built badass of a unit fully capable of ripping your arms off and beating you with them if you don't buy it. I assume it's Delta built, anyway... the smaller unit was. We'll see for sure in due time.

For now, let's unpack this box and take a look at the contents.

There wasn't too much inside the box except for a great big brute of a power supply, a warranty info sheet, a product overview sheet, some screws, some velcro cable ties, and a bag of cables. The power supply itself comes in a cloth blanket that I've removed for this shot.

Here's your seven year warranty info sheet.

And this would be the product overview. It's done in several languages, and in no way replaces the owner's manual which can be found at Antec's website. The manual itself is pretty good. It's a bit light on specs, but it does tell you all you need to know about that "OC Link" business.

And what is OC Link? Basically, it's a specialized modular cable that allows two compatible Antec power supplies to turn on at the same time. It bridges the PS_ON wires of the two units together so you don't need to do any splicing or other wiring hack jobs if you happen to be using two of these to, say, run a six card mining rig with R9 290s.

And yes, you would need two power supplies to do that. Maybe not this size, but two for sure. As well as two electrical circuits. Those cards are hungry, man. Not that I would know... I can't get past the 270 level myself.


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