Reviews - Corsair RM850 850W
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jan-13-2014)

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Welcome to yet another power supply review, Internet peoples. Today, I'll be looking at the Corsair RM850. You may remember that we've already seen some of the RM series with the RM650. You may be thinking, "Pshaw. Seen one, seen 'em all." Well, you actually haven't because the 550 and 650 use a totally different platform from a totally different OEM. CWT built the little guys, while Chicony builds the 750 and 850.

Now, I've heard all the rumors about this unit:

  • it's a power supply
  • made by Corsair
  • will overheat and shut down under conditions outside the unit's rated operating temperature before the fan comes on as long as you make sure there's no airflow at all going through the unit
  • steals all your Halloween candy and runs up your phone bill

I'm almost certain that only two of these are actually something we need to worry about. First, I don't test things at higher temperatures than they're rated for. Second, my hot box insures airflow through units when they run fanless. Third, that little incident with the leprechaun, some Milk Duds, and a firehose may have been something I only hallucinated.

Like most review units, there's a lot of marketing on the box. We've seen this all before, so I'll push the lazy button here and not get into it on this unit. I want to get to the good stuff.

Once again, Corsair has included a helpful graphic showing us where the RM series fits into their lineup. These are intended to be a somewhat affordable way to get into 80 Plus Gold fully modular units, and I thought the 650W unit did pretty well at meeting that goal.

Say, how about we unpack this here box?

We find ourselves with a power supply, some modular cables, a bag of goodies, a power cord, a solutions guide, a warranty guide, and a safety guide.

Here's the warranty and safety guides. There's not much to see in either one, except for another declaration that the user guide can be found online. I'm not bothering with the solutions guide - it's dated 2012, and I'm pretty sure some years have passed since it was in any way relevant.

Now... the user guide. I am pleased to report that I actually found one at the Corsair site this time. It features warranty information, safety information, and some installation instructions. That's all. No specs whatsoever. For that, you need to go to the actual specification table, also at the site, which lists the specs on everything. Not just this unit.

I'd really like all this data consolidated to the actual manual so it's all in one place, but meh... good enough, I guess.

Here's the contents of the goody bag. A bunch of zip ties, a case sticker, and some screws.


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