Reviews - Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300W
Sample Provided by: Super Flower (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Dec-23-2013)

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It's time to do some more of that power supply reviewing stuff I'm known for. Today, our object of study is the Super Flower Leadex 1300 watt unit. You may recognize this as being the basis of the EVGA Supernova G2 1300 watt unit I examined back in August. Today, we're going to see how well the Super Flower version does, just to see if this platform remains as consistently awesome as it has been in the past. I personally expect great things from it.

You may have to excuse me for a minute or two every now and then as we go along. See, I've decided to start bitcoin mining and I figured that since I have so many old computers and parts lying around, I should probably find one or two around here. I've got my little pickaxe; I haven't combed my hair, showered, or shaved today; and I'm dressed in rags like all prospectors should be. I should be good to go, consarn it. I'll start with that motherboard over there, dagnabbit.

Meantime, here's a look at the box marketing. It's nothing we haven't seen before, since this is a platform we've looked at a few times before. I don't see a rating for temperature at full power operation, so we'll have to see if we can find it later.

The box isn't done with us yet for the marketing - there's some on this panel too. Again, nothing new. Looks like it uses those crystal cube modular connectors again. The box claims they light up, but do they really? We'll find out soon enough.

Well, I've chiseled a hole right through this motherboard, and I haven't found any bitcoins yet. Do you suppose there might be some in this hard drive? You're right, I'd best find out. Hope this isn't because I refused to get all my teeth pulled and dance a drunken jig with a bottle of moonshine. I couldn't find any moonshine.

It's time to unpack the box now, isn't it?

Hey, look! A bitcoin! No, wait, it's just a hard drive platter. I'll try this other hard drive, over here.

Inside the box there was a power supply in a cloth bag, a user guide, a bag of screws, and a big velcro bag full of cables.

Here's the user guide. It is a vast improvement on user guides of old from Super Flower... nearly anything you'd ever want to know about this unit is in here. It's missing a few more detailed specs, like the operating temp range for full power, but they've gone to so much trouble to improve their normal user guide for this unit I'm going to overlook it.

Hmm... prospecting for bitcoins is hungry work. I'd best go see the gut burgler before I continue.



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