Reviews - Coolermaster V1000 1000W
Sample Provided by: Cooler Master (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-17-2013)

Page 1 - Marketing and First Look

Good day to you, fellow Earth creatures, and welcome to today's review. Our subject for this article is a brand new beast from Coolermaster, which goes by the name V1000. Certified as 80 Plus Gold, Coolermaster is hoping that this will be the unit to really put them on the map when it comes to offering fantastic power supplies.

Naturally, we're going to put this unit to the test and see how strong a contender Coolermaster has, here. But first, an apology. It seems somebody forgot to set Mr. Nikon's custom white balance properly before getting review pictures for this unit, so that somebody had to go in with Paint Shop Pro and use the white balance correction to make things look a bit better. Of course, that somebody also has only a TN panel monitor to work with, so while these pictures may look fantastic on that somebody's monitor, they probably don't look as good out there in the real world.

Oh, and that somebody's name is Archibald T. Borkbork, so if you really want your apology you'll have to go get it from him.

Meantime, we'll have a peek at a box that is refreshingly devoid of marketing. On the back, we have a fan curve graph, an efficiency graph, and exactly four bullet points:

  • fully modular
  • single 12V
  • silent fan
  • 80 Plus Gold

Nothing at all we haven't seen before on countless occasions.

There's more to the box than just the back, of course, but really there isn't a lot more printed on it. Here, we find a few specifications.

On this side, we find a multilingual declaration that Coolermaster's website is the place to be for detailed product information. There're also a bunch of certification marks and some contact information for Coolermaster present.

Let's get this box unpacked.

There's not a lot to talk about yet. A user guide, a power supply in a bag, a power cord, and a bag of modular cables.

The user guide. It's fairly decent, for a big folded up piece of paper.

And here would be the V1000 itself. Love that matte black/gray/bronze theme going on there.

Another angle, just for you.


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