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Sample Provided by: Etasis Electronics Inc. (By jonny on Sat, Feb-03-2007)

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Etasis is certainly not new to the power supply market.  For over a decade, they've manufactured server grade units.  But recently, Silverstone has started marketing their PS/2 and fanless units under the Silverstone brand for a whole new market segment.  The high end power supply market has grown considerably over the last couple years and the waters have been tested.  Etasis has proven themselves, and feels that they can go at marketing their own product under their own name.

Since the Etasis ET850 is based on the same EPAP-850 as the Silverstone ST85ZF, I'm afraid I'll be referencing the Silverstone is comparisons quite a bit in this review.  But one would think that one of these units is going to have to come out on top of the other.

Etasis certainly has one of the most colorful boxes I've seen.  That's some sort of crazy alien on the top of the box.

The rear of the box shows off some important details about the power supply, in six languages, and shows all of the certifications the unit has.  That smiley face, globe thingy, RoHS logo is kind of scary.  Aint it?

Inside the box is a cardboard panel with Etasis's name printed on it.  There is a recess where the CD-sized manual snaps in.  The attention to detail in the packaging is amazing.

Inside we see our power supply along with a second, glossy, colorful box.  Definitely there a good deal of cost going into the packaging of an Etasis power supply.

Inside our second, smaller box we have our power cord, a set of four mounting screws and a half a dozen zip-ties.

The finish of the Etasis is quite different than the Silverstone, or most other power supplies for that matter.  Not only is "ETASIS" stamped into the steel, but the color is a bluish gray.  So no, the color you're seeing above is not a result of too much flash.  The housing really is that color.

Above is the honeycomb exhaust grill.  Below you can see the fan.  I like when a PSU that's cooled by a single 80MM fan has it's fan on the inside of the unit.  Most of the fan noise is then baffled by the components of the power supply.

We can see from the label above that the ET850 has the same specifications as the Silverstone Zeus ST85ZF as well.  Below is my representation of the label:

Etasis ET850 +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3
-12V +5VSB
24A 30A 18A 18A 18A
0.5A 3A
Max Combined Watts 180W 840W 6W 15W

Above we can see that the Etasis comes with all but the peripheral cables sleeved.  This is similar to the Silverstone Zeus ST85ZF I had reviewed.  For the record, Silverstone now sleeves ALL of the cables up to the first connector, so if this were some sort of shootout between the Etasis and a more current model of the Silverstone, the Silverstone would have a half point over the Etasis in the aesthetics category.

The main ATX, 4-pin and 8-pin are sleeved black while the four PCI-e connectors are sleeved with blue nylon. 

As you can see in the above photo, the peripheral connectors aren't sleeved, but they are "twisted" which does look a little better and is easy to manage than wires that are just zip-tied every three inches.

Below is my physical count of the cables included with the Etasis ET850:

Type of connector: Etasis ET850
ATX connector 24
2 x 2 12V connectors 1
2 x 3 PCIe 4
8-pin Xeon/EPS connector 1
6-pin Xeon/AUX connector 0
5.25" Drive connectors 8
3.5" Drive connectors 1
SATA Drive power connectors 8
Fan only connectors (thermostatically controlled 12V only) 0

There is certainly a big improvement in cable count on the Etasis branded unit.  We actually have separate 4-pin and 8-pin power connectors, our 4-pin peripheral power connector count has increased to 8, and our SATA connector count has increased to 8.  That's a lot of hard drives!

Let's go ahead and hook up to the load tester...


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