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Hello, readers of mine, and welcome to another power supply review. Today, I'm taking a break from all the watt monster units I've been reviewing lately and having a look at one of Seasonic's G Series units. Weighing in at 360 watts, this is Seasonic's answer to people who want solid performance without having to fork out for bigger units that end up being overkill for their needs.

As is the custom here, we'll look at some box and product shots before we get to the load testing stuff.

There are a number of marketing points on the box, as usual, but for a change there aren't too many of them for me to type out for you:

  • 80 PLUS® GOLD Certified
    80 PLUS® Gold Certification in combination with our corporate slogan "Green Innovation Powers your Life", defines Sea Sonic's commitment to the design and production of the most eco-friendly power supply units on the market today.
    -This stands in stark contrast to my own corporate slogan, "Green Face Means Ate Bad Pizza."
  • DC to DC Converter Design
    Provides superior dynamic response, greater system stability, and maximize the 12VDC rail output.
    -Well... it can, as long as the design is done well. We shouldn't have much to worry about here from Seasonic, though.
  • Tight Voltage Regulation [± 3%]
    Improves load regulation to reduce voltage variations to provide smooth and stable operations.
  • Smart & Silent Fan Control [S2FC]
    Intelligent thermal control to balances between noise and cooling.
    -I would have completed the Gollum grammar by pluralizing "noise" and "cooling," with an extended rant about filthy thermally controlled Hobbitses tacked on at the end.
  • High Reliable 105°C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Build with high level Japan sourced components which translates to extend prodcut life.
    -You know those capacitors. Just like knives. First, they prod. Then, they cut.
  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors
    Build with high level Japan or Taiwan sourced components which ensures operation stability at extreme conditions.
    -It's interesting that so many polymer capacitors are popping up from sources outside Japan, and yet are not getting the backlash their aluminum electrolytics have gotten. In reality, I don't really have too many issues with companies using the better quality non Japanese capacitors in these SMPS designs, like Teapo. While you do need to make sure that low ESR capacitors are used, quality isn't as critical for power supplies as it is for, say, motherboards. And as far as the polymers go, these are already so reliable by nature that it just isn't an issue anymore.
  • High Current Gold Plated Terminals
    Reduces current transmission resistance for increased efficiency.
  • 12cm Ball Bearing Cooling Fan
    Increases airflow & lifetime and reduces rotation speed & noise.
  • Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
    Minimizes airflow resistance for maximum cooling.
  • Video Card Support
    Supports PCI-E video card technologies.
  • Universal AC Input [Full Range]
    Plug and run safely anywhere in the world.
    -Really, nearly all power supplies are designed to run anywhere in the world. Even most of the cheap ones. When most of the world either runs at 230VAC or 115VAC, it becomes easy to design something that works at the higher voltage first and then make it downwards compatible with the lower voltage. In early days (and you still find these on the cheapies), you had a switch on the back of the power supply that turned on a voltage doubler circuit. Later, when active PFC took over the power supply world, this circuit then took over voltage conversion duties.
  • 5 Years Warranty
    Our commitment to superior quality.

As is typical, another side of the box repeats all the marketing fluff in several languages other than English.

Elsewhere on the box is this table with a few specifications. A connector list is also found here.

Here, we find a QR code, a picture, an 80 Plus Gold logo, and a few of those "word" things.

Interestingly, the letter G is superimposed on a big blue spot. It was pretty easy to find. I wonder what they're implying, there.

Let's get into the box, now, and do some unpacking.

The contents: a power supply, a bag of accessories, a user guide, and a warranty info sheet.

A look at what was inside the bag of accessories. I found a smaller bag with some screws, case sticker, some velcro cable ties, some plastic zip ties, and a dual floppy power adapter.

The user guide merely holds a few installation and troubleshooting tips. So far, I haven't found much useful, like the rated full power operating temperature. I may have to just take a wild guess when it comes to load testing this thing.

The warranty sheet.

As you can see here, the unit itself is dressed up in that matte black color I'm so fond of. I like it.

Another angle on the unit shows us the spec sticker.

It's nice to see a unit with this much open grille space, even though a Gold rated unit this small may not need a whole lot of ventilation.

I've spotted another G.

With no modular cabling, this unit has quite a barren looking front panel.

Here's the 120mm fan for your admiration.

Looks like it's time for me to format a table. Since I can't find any info about what temperature to shoot for, I'll just try to get the hot box as warm as I can. On a unit this size, it won't get very hot anyway, but I'll do my best.

3.3V 5V 12V -12V 5VSB
12A 16A 30A 0.3A 2A
Max Power
80W 360W 3.6W 10W

The cables. I don't really have any issues with any of them. A 360 watt unit is really too small to require more cables than these, and there are few enough of them to be able to hide in many cases.

Cabling - Seasonic G360
Type of Cable Length from PSU
20+4 pin ATX connector 540mm
4+4 pin EPS/ATX12V 560mm
6 pin PCI-E 590mm
5.25"+5.25"+5.25" 440+120+120mm
SATA+SATA 370+150mm
SATA+SATA 470+150mm
5.25" to Dual 3.5" Adapter 150mm
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)
140mm x 150mm x 81mm

Next page, please, and we'll start doing some testing.


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