Reviews - Delta DPS-500YB-B 500W
Sample Provided by: Delta Electronics, Inc. (By Tazz on Mon, Oct-22-2012)

Page 1 - Packaging, Contents, and Cabling

Today's sample comes to us from Delta Electronics, Inc. which was founded in 1971 and is said to be one of the largest switching power supply manufactures in the world. Delta might not be a common name for most when it comes looking at PSU's, which is due in part to Delta being the OEM for other companies. One area where you will find their labels, is the server industry.

As you can see by the compact size of this unit, we are looking at a server grade Delta DPS-500YB-B 1U form factor power supply. What's even better is that we can see dead center of the label tells us that we have a 80PLUS Gold 1U server unit. 

Now all you noise haters out there can have fun with this thing. Look at the size of that fan! In order to keep this thing cool, I bet that fan is going to be screaming. I can just hear it now... Oh wait, I guess I better wait and see how it stacks up against the SunMoon SM-5500's fans first.

The Delta DPS-500YB-B measures in at 240mm long, 100mm wide, and 40mm tall. 

Around the front we find what we normally see on the rear, hexagon pattern ventilation holes.

Delta DPS-500YB-B 500W - DC Output
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 18A 22A 18A 18A 18A 0.5A 2A
Max Combined Wattage 140W 500W 6W 10W

Our samples label isn't one of the simplest but it still gives us all the basic information. As we can see in the table above, we have enough details to get started on the testing. The only thing we are missing is a temperature rating, and I even had less luck when trying to find this unit on Delta's site.

Now we move on to the rat nests of cables. Actually, this is pretty tame compared to what we normally see with our enthusiast power supplies. The DPS-500YB-B has a total of five cables, with a total of eleven connectors in all.

First up we have the ATX 24-pin main cable.

Then we have a pair of EPS12V 8-pin connectors.

We have four SATA connectors spread across two cables.

We also have four 5.25" Molex connectors spread across the same two cables as the SATA connectors.

Delta DPS-500YB-B 500W - Cabling

  Cable Description

# Cables

# Cnctrs


Fixed Cables

ATX 20+4 pin (400mm)




EPS 12V 8 pin (500mm)



12V1 / 12V2

EPS 12V 8 pin (550mm)



12V2 / 12V3

SATA +5.25" +SATA +5.25"(300mm +175mm +175mm +175mm)




SATA +5.25" +SATA +5.25"(300mm +175mm +175mm +175mm)




Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)

240mm x 100mm x 40mm

The above table shows us the cables included, with the number of connectors per cable, and what +12V rail each of the cables are tied to. As you can see, the DPS-500YB-B has three +12V rails that are not split like we are normally use to seeing.


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