Reviews - Cougar GX G800 800W
Sample Provided by: Cougar (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-03-2012)

Page 1 - Marketing

It's time for yet another power supply review. I think I'm ready for this one. I have a Pepsi drink. I have a water drink. Got it from the kitchen sink. Had some food, I think. During the process of this review, should I happen to get knocked down, I hereby declare that I will get up again. For you see, you're never going to keep me down, and... oh, sorry, I forgot to turn off the MP3 player again.

Today's review sample is Cougar's latest evolvement on the GX series of units. Unlike older models, this one is formulated to clear 80 Plus Gold and now features "Vortex Technology," whatever that is. Perhaps this here box will yield some more clues on that. Let's turn it around now, and... yikes!

Rarely have I seen this much marketing in one place before. I am not typing all this out. I'd be here until my fortieth birthday. Let's get Mr. Fuji to earn his keep and zoom in on some parts of this.

93% eh? I rather doubt that, otherwise this unit should be able to clear Platinum. We'll have to see how things go for efficiency in testing later on. But meantime... aha! Vortex Technology is part of the cooling fan. Since vortexes tend to suck, I wonder if this helps the fan suck any harder than a normal fan sucks. In some things, it's good to have something suck.

According to this, 3% or better is "perfect voltage regulation." I beg to differ. In my book, perfect regulation is 0% deflection between idle and load. No power supply I've seen can do that, because it's impossible. Any time you have variations in build quality between two components, there's going to be imperfections showing up at the ends of the cables. Which, incidentally, cause their own variations due to differences in how well the connectors make contact. No, 3% in my book is merely average. Excellent is 1%. Perfection is unattainable. We'll see where this unit comes down in the coming pages.

Excellent - we have a unit rated to fifty degrees at full power. You better believe I'm going to try and hit that number in the hot box.

Also on the back of the box, we find a table with power specs on all units in the series, as well as a table full of cables. I'll break out the tape measure and make my own on the next page anyway.

The marketing train continues here. Among the features being boasted about are Japanese capacitors, flat modular cables, and a whole lot of marketing based on the unit's basic design. DC-DC technology is not new, and is no guarantee of flawless regulation as we saw once with an Apevia unit. Rapid switch technology... not sure where they're going with that one.

Dynamic multi-12V, eh? The power supply actively steers power around, does it? This is basically another way of saying that if you turn on one less lamp in your house, more power is available to the other breakers. And it is, to a point. Those breakers are still going to trip if you put that lamp on an overloaded circuit. The point is, nobody's actively steering anything. The breaker panel in your house isn't watching your lamps and deciding, "ok, this one's off so I can let this breaker have more power." It doesn't work like that... it's automatic by nature. This blurb is basically saying that this power supply conforms to the laws of physics. As opposed to those who don't obey the laws of physics, I guess.

And here's the marketing behind the vortex fan stuff. I guess what they're going for here is not that this fan blows harder, it just blows quieter with better efficiency. Mentions are made of rotations, diversions, and grooves. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere, I just know it.

The other sides of the box are nothing special. Just the same stuff we already saw, in other languages.

Time to get done with this box stuff and start unpacking. See you on the next page.


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