Reviews - Enermax Maxrevo 1500W
Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Aug-20-2012)

Page 1 - Marketing

I've reviewed a whole heap of power supplies for this here website. Some big, some small. Some good, some not so good. Some died, some lived.

Back in April, I took a look at a real monster. The first such unit to blow MOSFETs in my load testers in years, it was also one of the biggest units on the market. I speak of the Lepa G1600. Built by Enermax, it was one of the most potent things I'd ever had my hands on. Today, I'm looking at the official Enermax version of that same unit: the MaxRevo 1500 watt. Why the demotion to 1500 watts? I'll get into that more later.

But first, you guessed it... box shots and marketing.

As we see here, the box has a ton of that marketing stuff to wade through. Let's get this over with, so we can get to the fun faster.

Uh... ok then. I have no idea what they're going for in this one, other than the fact that the transformers have been optimized for efficiency.

And here we have the usual long list of bullet points that come with an Enermax unit these days. They do love their marketing, don't they?

The back of the box also gives us a handy table listing the load specs of all units in the MaxRevo series. It's interesting to see that the peak power rating of this unit is pretty much what we saw with the Lepa model, separated by a mere fifty watts that is probably nothing to a unit this size.

The box also tells us about cables and connectors. Methinks my new cable table will end up being on the large side this time out.

Translation: more contact surface means better electrical contact.

MaxRevo. It's a maximum revo, right in your computer. This side of the box explains that this is a "computer power supply." Pfft. Whatever that is.

Up to 94% efficiency, eh? 1% to platinum, eh? Wait, what? Platinum? This thing is certified 80 Plus Gold, not Platinum. If it did Platinum, surely it would have gotten Platinum, right? Then again, I did just take a look at a monster 1475W Gold unit that did Platinum, so maybe Enermax has some tricks up their sleeves. On the other hand, if this thing really is like the Lepa variant, we'll probably only see Platinum numbers at low loads.

We'll have to see how the load testing goes on this... "computer power supply."

Ah yes, this one comes in drawers as well, just like the Lepa.

But unlike the Lepa, I see a fair few more goodies in here. A power cord, a power supply, two cable bags, power cord retainer, case sticker, screws, a heap of modular cables, some velcro cable ties, a user guide, and a rail distribution sheet.

Next page, please.


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