Reviews - Xigmatek Centauro 700W (XTK-CB-0700M)
Sample Provided by: Xigmatek (By Tazz on Wed, Jul-04-2012)

Page 1 - Packaging

Looking at the front of the box, everything is straightforward here. You have the brand, the model, and wattage clearly marked here. At the lower left, we have a group of icons showing us some of the features the Centauro 700W unit has.

  • Protections - OVP, OCP, OPP, UVP, SCP, OTP
  • 80% High Efficiency
  • Active Power 0.99 PFC
  • Smart and Silent Fan Control
  • Multiple Sockets
  • Cable Management
  • EuP Compliant
  • Single 12V Rail
  • Eco Friendly
  • 14CM Cooling Fan
  • SLI/nVidia Ready

Here we have the rear of the box, with a list features providing the similar information found listed on the front with the icons.

Just under the feature list, we have the DC output listed for all four models. Obviously, they do this to minimize costs when it comes to packaging. Instead of having to have four different boxes, they all use the same one and simply slap a sticker on the front to indicate which wattage it is. Hmm... I wonder if we could get a 1000W labeled as a 600W? It has to be possible with this method :).

We have a bit of redundancy here with all the options for the connectors listed together. However, it is easy enough to figure out what each specific unit has available connector wise.

The first thought I had when I opened the box was, where is the shipping protection? The PSU is sitting in a small Styrofoam end cap if you will and that is all the protection there is. If this PSU fell from waist high, it is going to receive damaged. We all know how nicely the shipping services handle our packages at times. Xigmatek has to add some more protection to their units, even if it is as simple as putting in a second Styrofoam end cap on the top. It would surely pay for itself in the end.

Here we have the included 18ga power cord, the user's pamphlet, and the modular cable bag.  I'm going to have to side with OklahomaWolf on the pamphlet "it's always good to save paper, but cramming six languages onto one folded sheet of paper is either asking for type small enough to need a microscope to read or for information to be left out".  Let's get that upgraded to a booklet style user's manual.

Moving on to the unit itself, we can see that it is finished in matte black. This is the "norm" it seems anymore. I'm one of those guys that likes the flashier looking units myself, but then again I am a modder. 


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