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Sample Provided by: (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-25-2012)

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Good day, people. You might be wondering what I'm doing in someone else's basement today. To answer that question, one must realize that I'm not the only person who does reviews at this here website. You also have jonnyGURU himself, and also Tazz; who keeps the wheels greased behind the scenes. Today I'm filling in for Tazz, who has been rather busy lately.

Of course, me being the loon I am, I've decided to break all land speed records so I can do it in person. I strapped the 3.8 from my parts car to the back of my Imperial so that it has two of them, filled the tank with rocket fuel, and proceeded to blast by so many cops that I'm not sure half of them even saw me. And so, here I am. Tazz isn't home right now, he's out doing whatever it is a Tazz does, so I had to sneak in and go find the review sample I'm supposed to be working with today. And you see it above - the FSP Aurum Pro 1kW. This is an 80 Plus Gold unit with a five year warranty.

I've even got a mascot for this one: Izzy the dog. Say hello, Izzy. She's just looking at me all cute-like. Probably wants a treat. Here you go, Izzy. Good girl! Uncle Wolfie's going to spoil you! Yes he is!

But before we get to the load testing goodness, we have a few box pictures to get done with first. I forgot Mr. Fuji at home, so I'm just using the ones I found in Tazz' camera.

Let's zoom in on a few key parts of the box now to see what kind of marketing we're dealing with. True single rail... uh, what? Like Corsair and others have been faking it or something? I don't get this. 99% of all units are single rail to begin with. A lot of them use overcurrent protection to divide that one rail into several, but most of them are still single 12V units by design. Ok, not too many use multiple transformers, but that's not rare either. Usually, multiple transformers are employed due to space concerns and nothing else.

Arrow flow technology... according to the box, we should get better cooling with holes that look like arrows. Um, okay... I don't really get that one either. Holes in the grille are holes in the grille. I just want that grille to be as unrestricted as possible. I suspect that these little arrow holes will do little other than to make the unit look cool, rather than stay cool. But, I could be wrong. Am I wrong, Izzy?

Izzy's just looking at me. Must want another treat. Here you go, pup.

Low profile flat cabling system, eh? That one I do get. I like flat cables helping me keep things neater inside my cases.

Ah, good - we have some features to talk about. True single... I've already addressed that. 80 Plus Gold... we'll see about that in load testing. Full Japanese capacitor. Is that just one of them, or all of them? Two external fan connectors.

Wait... dual overtemp protection? I'm confused again. What two parts of the unit is this monitoring for overtemp conditions? Why is this necessary? Let's wait until we see the insides. Maybe there's a reason FSP has to monitor more than one location inside the unit.

Hey, Izzy... FSP wants us to go to their website to get more detailed information. Should we do it?

Izzy's looking at me. Here you go, another treat. Hope Tazz has another bag of these lying around somewhere, this one's getting empty.

Enough with the box. Let's get this unpacked now.

Here we have a user guide, case sticker, some thumbscrews, and some velcro cable ties.

The user guide. I've seen better, I've seen worse.

Here's the power supply itself, in a rugged gray finish. As far as looks go, it looks to me like it was hit with the ugly stick, flew into the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down. Seriously, Izzy started barking at it the second I pulled it out.

Ok, maybe not. Izzy's really over there lying by the hot box. But this thing is still ugly to me.

Ah look, arrows. Not only do they assist with cooling on this unit, they point the way to the unattractive trim around the fan. Looks like this unit also comes with a C19 AC receptacle as well. Not sure why they went with it - you usually don't find those on units this small, except maybe the odd Enhance built unit.

I have to say the unit does look a bit better from this angle, probably because I can't see the...

YAH! Fan grille.

Ah, the sticker at last. Let me just fill out a table here, and we'll go on to the next page.


+3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
25A 25A 83A 0.8A 3A
Max Power
@ 40°C

160W 996W 9.6W 15W


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