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Sample Provided by: MaxPoint (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Jun-06-2012)

Page 1 - First Look

So I'm sitting here in front of my computer, trying to come up with some kind of original and interesting way to start off this review, and nothing's coming to mind. All I want to do is have some fun. I have a feeling I'm not the only one. Maybe I should turn off Sheryl Crow for a second here and try and concentrate.

Ah yes, that's helping a bit. As you can see, today we are reviewing a gorilla. The last time we reviewed one of these animals was back when I look at this Silver Power fanless version. This time, we're looking at an 850 watt gorilla with a fan. One that is 80 Plus Bronze certified. Let's get on with some box pictures so we can get to the good stuff faster, shall we?

And here comes some marketing:

  • Compatible with Intel ATX 12V & EPS 12V
  • 80 Plus Bronze approval, high efficiency
  • High reliability forward converter circuit design
  • Environmentally friendly "Super Low Noise" fan control
  • Excellent thermal management with high quality ball-bearing 12 cm fan
  • Active Power Factor Correction with high PF value of >0.99
  • Low power consumption in stand-by mode, meets Energy Star 5.0 requirements
  • 4x 6+2Pin built-in PCI Express graphics card connectors
  • 10x serial ATA hard disk connectors for your SATA drives
  • Stable output voltages under any load condition
  • Protection against over voltage, over power and short circuit
  • 24 months warranty

Normally, I'd go through a list like this and find little snide remarks to say about each of them all in the name of the most juvenile entertainment possible, but this time I guess I'm just not feeling it. Most of these bullet points are standard fare for a computer power supply box, but there isn't really a lot of comedic potential in Silver Power's. There's no real Engrish to mock. I suppose I could sit here making faces at the monitor to keep you all entertained, but who would see them? You say I should make those faces anyway? Oh, you sweet talkers, you.

Moving on to a less interesting side of the box, we find a load table heading for an unfortunate encounter with a gorilla's jaws. Look out, Mr. Table.

If that last picture wasn't dull enough for you, here's one that should fix that little problem real quick.

I can't take these box pictures anymore - let's unpack this gorilla, shall we?

Found inside the box was a power supply, bag of modular cables, a user guide, a bag of screws and a case sticker, and a European spec power cord. I'll just swap that power cord for one I can plug in here.

Here's the user guide. Not too much information in there, I have to say. Just a few basic instructions, and that's it. Nice high quality paper, though.

And here's the power supply itself, all done up in that nice matte black I like so much.

Another angle shown of yonder power supply.

The exhaust grille is a fairly open design, with only a little bit around the AC receptacle blocking things off. A quick look through the grille revealed that there is a PCB with some transient filter components back there behind the closed off portion, so it's not like we were going to get any airflow through there anyway.

The modular connectors. You have six pin connectors for the peripheral cables, and eight pin connectors for the PCI-E and CPU cables. Mustn't forget about the hardwired cables on the left, of course. More on those in a bit.

Here's an overhead shot of the fan for you. I find it's best to orient your camera so that the gorilla is off center. See, that way he's disoriented and can't just jump out and eat you.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that same thing with this shot, so be warned. If that gorilla sees you, you might be in trouble. Try to stay still while I transcribe the numbers into this here load table:

Silver Power SP-S850M

+3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
25A 25A 70A 0.5A 3A
Max Power

150W 840W 6W 15W

You know, a lot of things about this unit are looking mighty familiar, including the load table. And there's a good reason for that - this unit is in fact based on the same Seasonic platform that ended up overwhelming us with ripple gremlins the last time we saw it in the NZXT Hale82 version. I can only hope those issues are not plaguing this unit. We'll see soon enough.

In an attempt to make things a bit more interesting around here, I decided to arrange the modular cables in the shape of a little man. A man with a very anemic looking torso. With one arm shorter than the other. And a big head.

Why yes, he is planning on running for office.

Here are the hardwired cables. All three of them. Let me just scrape all the cabling data into a table for you, and I'll see you on the next page for some load testing.

Type of connector: Silver Power SP-S850M
ATX connector (540mm) 20+4 pin
4+4 pin ATX12V/EPS12V connector (550mm) 1
6+2 pin PCI-E connector (550mm 1
6+2 pin PCI-E connector (+100mm 1
Modular Cables
8 pin EPS12V connector (550mm) 1
6+2 pin PCI-E connector (550mm 1
6+2 pin PCI-E connector (+100mm 1
5.25" Drive (350mm+150mm) 2
5.25" Drive (555mm+150mm+150mm) 3
5.25" to dual 3.5' Drive adapter (150mm) 1

SATA (350mm+150mm)


SATA (550mm+150mm+150mm)

Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)
160mm x 150mm x 81mm


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