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Sample Provided by: Thortech (By jonny on Mon, Dec-12-2011)

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Today we're revisiting the Thunderbolt 1000W. We received the Thunderbolt "Plus" the other day. While internally, this unit is mostly the same as the GeIL Thortech Thunderbolt 1000W I reviewed last month, it features the same "iPower Meter" that the Thunderbolt Plus 800W that Tony reviewed last year.

Right off the bat, we see a difference between the original Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt Plus box. The box for the Plus is larger and there are fabric straps attached to the top that allows the user to swing the product around like a flail.

When we open the box and remove the top piece of foam, we see the power supply, in a velvet bag, and a bundle of fixed cables. Underneath is a divider that hides the modular cables, manual, power cord, screws, some Velcro straps and the iPower Meter.

Here is a close up of the iPower Meter. The buttons on the right toggle Wattage and Efficiency measurements, Voltage and Amperage measurements, a button to change the fan speed and a button to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The back of the iPower Meter reveals a fairly simple PCB. Obviously, most of the brains for this function is inside the power supply itself.

The aesthetics of the Thunderbolt Plus is a bit different than the standard Thunderbolt. While the Thunderbolt 1000W looks fairly standard, the Plus has a nicely finished trip plate that the fan mounts to.

All of the fixed cables on the Thunderbolt Plus are the same as the standard Thunderbolt except for the one, super long cable that plugs into the back of the iPower Meter.

Here's a complete run down of all of the cables included on and with the Thunderbolt Plus 1000W:

Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1000
Type of connector: Quantity:
Fixed Cables
24-pin ATX connector (530mm) 1
4+4-pin ATX12V/EPS12V (580mm) 1
8-pin EPS12V (580mm) 1
PCIe (4 cables w/ 1 connector each) (580mm) 4
SATA (1 cable w/ 4 connectors) (580mm+180mm+180mm+180mm) 4
iPower Meter connector cable (900mm) 1
Modular Cables
PCIe (4 cables w/ 1 connector each) (580mm) 4
SATA (2 cables w/ 4 connectors each) (480mm+180mm+180mm+180mm) 8
5.25" Peripheral Power Connector (2 cables w/ 3 connectors each) (530mm+180mm+180mm) 6
3.5" Drive power adapter (+180mm) 1
Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)
160mm x 86mm x 150mm

You know that toolkit you bought with all of the special bits in it so you could take apart your Nintendo? Yeah, you're going to need it to crack this puppy open. The housing is held together with four Torx screws and the fan is held in place with hex screws.


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