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Sample Provided by: Rosewill (By jonny on Wed, Oct-05-2011)

Page 1 - Looking at and inside of the packaging

Today's power supply comes to us from "Rosewill", the "in-house brand" for Newegg.

The "Lightning" series consists of three semi-modular power supplies: an 800W, 1000W and 1300W. Today we're having a look at the 1300W.

The box that Rosewill uses for the Lightning series is fairly generic, but that is because the same box is used for all three models in this series.

On a table on the side of the box, we see a yellow dot that designates that what is inside is a 1300W power supply. Apparently, both the 1000W and 1300W have the same number of cables and connectors.

Below I will outline what cables and connectors the Rosewill Lightning 1300W comes with in our usual table format:

Rosewill Lightning 1300W

Type of connector:


Fixed Cables

20+4-pin ATX connector (580mm)


4+4-pin ATX12V/EPS12V (580mm)


8-pin EPS12V (580mm)


6-pin PCIe (580mm)


6+2-pin PCIe (580mm)


Modular Cables
6+2-pin PCIe (1 cables w/ 1 connector) (580mm)

SATA (2 cables w/ 4 connectors each) (550mm+150mm+150mm+150mm)


5.25" Peripheral Power Connector (2 cables w/ 4 connectors) (550mm+150mm+150mm+150mm)


SATA & Peripheral Power Connector (1 cable w/ 2 SATA connectors and 2 peripheral power connectors)(550mm+150mm+150mm+150mm)

3.5" Drive power adapter (+150mm at the end of one of the above cables)


Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)

180mm x 86mm x 150mm

To the left of the "connector" table, we see some bullet-points that describe the Lightning series. Here they list "80 Plus Gold certified", which means that this power supply should be 87%, 90% and 87% at 20%, 50% and 100% loads respectively. We're also told of the 140mm dual-ball-bearing fan with selectable LED light color.

Interestingly enough, they refer to the modular connectors as "pipe-rock", which is a term we've only seen used in the past to describe modular connectors on power supplies from Tagan, which is a company ABS, aka Newegg, has previously used to supply them with power supplies. All of these previous power supplies with "pipe-rock" connectors were manufactured by Topower, but I have a strong suspicion that this unit was neither built by Topower nor imported through Tagan.

On the other side of the box, we see the DC output specifications for the three different Lightning models of power supplies. We want to look at the bottom one since this is the 1300W model we're reviewing today.

Here is that same table in our format:

Rosewill Lightning











Max Power







Inside the box, we find five zip-ties, four thumb screws for mounting the power supply to the chassis and a power cord.

There is also a manual and a bag of modular cables inside the box. The manual is not bad, if not somewhat redundant with the box. We're given all the same DC output table and connector table that we have on the outside of the box, but they've added cautions, installation directions and troubleshooting tips, as well as an email address and toll free number to contact Rosewill in case you need support or warranty.

Opening the bag exposes a number of modular cables, neatly organized and held in place with elastic straps.


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