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Sample Provided by: Super Flower (By OklahomaWolf on Fri, Sep-30-2011)

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I've looked at a lot of Superflower and Superflower based products lately. In fact, I've looked at so many power supplies from these people lately, I do believe my lab can be classified as a flower garden. But you know what? I don't mind so much. Superflower has been on such a roll lately, everything out of their company I've looked at has been awesome.

Today, I'm taking a gander at the Superflower SF-700T case. But not a real gander, because that would just be silly. A silly goose, as it were. No, I'm reviewing a case, not giving one to the birds.

Like many cases on the market, this one has many features. This one, according to the box, harbors such innovative functions as a power switch. But that's not all. Front panel audio and USB jacks are present. And there's one I personally love - a place to put the power supply. I can't tell you how many times I've bought a case with no place to put a power supply. Wait... yes I can. Zero. I keed, I keed.

Here we have the specifications as presented by the box. Cooling system... optional. Please see the actual product. Well, at least we get a list of fans that might be in the case, if we're lucky.

Let's unpack the box now, shall we?

Uh... ok then. Apparently, Adrian Monk now works at Superflower in the packing department. Most of the time when a case shows up here, there's barely any protection for it inside the box. Oh, see that dent? That's a feature. That crack in the side window? That's supposed to be there. That big hole in the front bezel? Ventilation to help with overclocking.

But not this time. Someone has literally encased this case with enough styrofoam and padding to make Al Gore weep in the halls of his globally warmed mansion. I like it. Not because it made poor Al cry, but because I like cases that arrive in one piece, looking the way they're supposed to. Let's crack the shell off this egg. I have a review to write.

Ah, there we go. While this case is available in three colors according to the box, we get a white one to play with.

Yes, there is a user guide to accompany this case. Yes, you are really seeing all of it. Well, there is another side to this sheet of paper, but you've already seen most of the help it's ever going to offer you. I squinted at it for maybe five seconds and then tossed it aside, intending to figure it out as I went like I do all cases.

I have to admit, the white color does look nice on this case.

Hold on to your hats, folks. I have inspected the front of this case thoroughly, and it appears that it does indeed have a power button as stated on the box. But, this is where it gets really wild... are you ready? This case also has... A RESET BUTTON! I know, I know, it's a shock. Sorry to spring that tidbit on you in one go, but I just don't have the time to ease you into that kind of news today. You might want to take your heart medication now, before moving to the next page... rumor has it you can also mount a motherboard in this case.

Another thing this picture shows is the presence of three USB connectors. One is a USB 3.0 connector. I do have a small nit to pick, though, before we go on. See that little blip between the reset button and the leftmost USB connector? That's the hard drive activity LED. Good luck seeing that thing from any angle other than straight on. I'd have... I don't know... put it someplace more visible or something like that.


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