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Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By jonny on Thu, Sep-15-2011)

Page 1 - Outside of the box

Not too long ago, Enermax contacted us with an opportunity to review their new 80 Plus Platinum certified, fully modular power supply, the Platypus... err... sorry.. The Platimax. The Platimax is an upgrade over Enermax's 80 Plus Gold effort, the MaxRevo. Needless to say, we wanted the chance to see if the Platypus.. sorry... Platimax performed at least as well as the MaxRevo, but with better efficiency.

Above we see the box for our Platimax 1200W. In appearance, it's rather platinoid. Of course, neither the box nor the contents within are platinous. The name refers to the power supply's apparent 80 Plus Platinum certification. It seems I my have a platitude sense of humor today. Please allow me to go feed my platys for a minute and I'll be back with the rest of this review...

Ok. Sorry about that. Looking at the back of the box reveals a good deal of information.

The Platimax features the same "FMQ" transformer than the MaxRevo power supplies. Here we also find that the heat sinks are "stylish". Black is always stylish, especially for the coming Winter months.

A lot of these bullet points are the same as the MaxRevo. We're told that the unit is "89 Plus Ready", for when someone decides they want to start up 89 Plus certification. It's ErP Lot 6 ready, which is not to be confused with the derp ready in the lot.

Although the box reveals this power supply is "full-modular ready", I assure you that it is already fully-modular. It is also C6 power state ready by being able to support a zero load and is "DXXI" ready by having a full compliment of 6+2-pin PCIe power connectors.

Like the MaxRevo, the Platimax is "EMC Ready". Since a power supply is either compatible with electromagnetic standards or not, it seems that this is a bit of Engrish... as usual. Unless of course they meant to say this power supply is E = mc² ready, which perhaps means that when time travel is possible, you can use this power supply to power your time machine. I mean, it does have a magnetic flux density transformer in it. That's like the transformer you use with a flux capacitor right?

The Platimax is "server ready", in that it can supply power to multiple CPU's via two 8-pin and one 4-pin power connector.

The Platimax also features CordGuard, HeatGuard, SpeedGuard and SafeGuard. SafeGuard? The smallest soap in the house SafeGuard? The only thing this power supply is missing is RightGuard!

As with the MaxRevo, the Platimax comes with a 139mm (because someone patented the numbers "1", "4" and "0" and the letter "m", everyone has to use 139mm fans instead) Twister fan. The unit is also built using all 105°C rated Japanese capacitors.

Finally, Enermax claims to have provided us with the "ultimate technology". With "clean and efficient layout and classic finish with white gold deco frame, Platimax considers both the aesthetics and technology of the overall design." Take that!

Oh wait! This power supply IS "future ready"! Maybe we can power a time machine with it, even though it doesn't provide 1.21 gigawatts.

The "copper bridge array" is how Enermax delivers power from the main PCB to the modular PCB. By using a series of busbars that are soldered and screwed to each PCB, Enermax eliminates most of the wires inside the power supply. We're also reminded about the transformer.

On the upper right side of the back of the box is a table showing us the DC output capabilities of the Platimax. Here is what that looks like in a more traditional table:

Platimax 1200













Max Power


1200W (100A)




Note that 100% of the power supply's capability is on the +12V rail. This is quite impressive, even when the +3.3V and +5V use DC to DC VRM's, because the +5VSB is a completely separate rail and is in addition to the +12V rail. So I guess we can say this is a 1215W power supply in reality.

Also note that there are six +12V rails. Fortunately, there is a diagram of what +12V rail goes to what connector on the modular interface both inside the manual and on a card included in the box. Here's a scan of that diagram (click to enlarge):

On the lower right side of the back of the box Enermax lays out what cables and connectors the Platimax comes with.

Here's the same information in our usual table layout:

Enermax Platimax 1200W

Type of connector:


+12V Rail:
Modular Cables

24-pin ATX connector (600mm)



8-pin ATX12V/EPS12V (650mm)



8-pin & 4-pin EPS12V (1 cable w/ one of each connector) (600mm)


+12V3, 4, 5 or 6

6+2-pin PCIe (4 cables w/ 2 connectors each) (500mm)


+12V3, 4, 5 or 6

SATA (3 cables w/ 4 connectors each) (450mm+150mm+150mm+150mm)


+12V4 or 6

5.25" Peripheral Power Connector (2 cables w/ 4 connectors each) (450mm+150mm+150mm+150mm)


+12V4 or 6

3.5" Drive power adapter (+150mm on end of above cables)


+12V4 or 6

SATA and 5.25" Peripheral Power Connector (1 cable w/ 2 of each type of connector) (450mm+150mm+150mm+150mm)


+12V4 or 6

Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)

180mm x 86mm x 150mm

When we take the Platinum colored cardboard sleeve off, we see that we have a box with three drawers in it, just like the one that the MaxRevo came in:


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