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Sample Provided by: OCZ Technology (By jonny on Fri, May-13-2011)

Page 1 - Outside of the box

The letters "Z" and "X". Two letters that don't get much use, but when put together bring back such memories.

I know I'm dating myself here, but I will always remember the Time Sinclair ZX81and its crappy membrane keyboard and having to load programs off of cassette tape. No kiddies, we're not talking about the technologically advanced high speed cassette of 1983's Coleco ADAM. No... we're talking playing beeps and boops off of a cassette running at normal speed and taking a good 10 minutes to load a 1kB program.

I also remember the Datsun 280ZX. What's a Datsun? Oh.. sorry. Back in the day, the Japanese didn't think Americans could properly say the word "Nissan", so they were called Datsun over here. Awesome car back in the day, especially if you could get one with the turbo charged 2.8L and a T5 manual transmission. In a little two-seater car under 3000 pounds? Aww yeah....

Hmm... seems that my memory of "ZX" is stuck in the 80's. Well.. There's Kawasaki ZX, aka "Ninja", motorcycles. There you go! Oh wait.. those were first introduced in the 80's. Well.. at least it was the late 80's!

Ok, so now we're in the 21 century and we're talking about computer power supplies! Unlike the power brick that came with the Timex Sinclair, computer power supplies these days are capable of putting out over a thousand watts of power. But recently we've seen power supplies get smaller in size, while still putting out ample power, run more efficiently and therefore run cooler and quieter. The next "ZX" that is to occupy homestead in my brainspace is OCZ's ZX 1000. According to OCZ, it's one of those 21st century power supplies that can put out a lot of power (1000W) from within a relatively small size (175mm depth) with high efficiency (80 Plus Gold). But these claims alone aren't good enough for our readers. Can it put out 1000W? Is it as efficient as OCZ claims? Is this a "ZX" I'll remember 25 years from now? We're here to find out!

So the box looks cool. It's black and uses a subtle shade of gold to convey the "gold" efficiency message. Let's zoom in on those bullet points in the lower right hand corner.

So the fan controller utilizes some sort of technology called "PowerWhisper". This essentially means that the fan is thermally controlled, which isn't a unique feature, but apparently deserving of a trademarked name.

The PSU is multi-GPU ready, which means it has plenty of PCI Express power connectors.

The PSU has active power factor correction, which is really a good thing since the PSU is a 1000W since if it didn't it would probably trip your house's breakers under full load.

And finally, we're being told that the cooling is superior. The airflow is supreme. The vigorous fan is ultra-quiet. The leather is fine Corinthian. No? Yeah.. I'm really starting to show my age now.

Let's do another close up...

Here we see that OCZ is giving us a 5 year warranty. Also, this unit was tested by 80 Plus and given a Gold rating. That means this PSU should be 87%, 90% and 87% efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% loads respectively.

Now let's look at one of the side panels of the box...

So here we are told the dimensions, and there's the 175mm depth. The PSU is ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V compliant. Once again we're told that the fan is an ultra-quiet 140mm fan, but now we're told that its a ball-bearing fan. Good to know. This PSU is also high efficiency, which I would think would be the case if it has an 80 Plus badge on the front panel. The PSU has OVP, OCP and SCP, active PFC and an MTBF of 100,000 hours.

We also have a list of the connectors that come with the PSU. We'll get back to those in a few minutes.

As we move to the back of the box, we have more bullet points:

Apparently, this PSU is simply powerful. That's good I guess, as the antithesis would be complicatedly powerful.

Once again, we're told that this power supply has PowerWhisper technology without being told what PowerWhisper technology actually is, but at least the vigorous 140mm fan is "extreme cool".

This panel also explains that this particular power supply unit is compact because OCZ has engineers that are L337. We're also given the whole active PFC spiel again.

Finally, we're told that this is the greatest PSU and therefore comes with the finest warranty. I think if OCZ wanted to be really ballzy with the whole "greatest PSU" claim, they should give it no warranty. "Yeah... that's right. Our PSU is so great, we don't give it a warranty because you'll never need one." Ok... maybe not.

Ok.. the Tour De Box is over and we're opening it up now. As we open the box, we're faced with a piece of cardboard with an octagon cut out of it so we can see the 140mm fan.


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