Reviews - Super Flower Golden Green 800W Power Supply
Sample Provided by: Super Flower (By Tazz on Fri, Apr-01-2011)

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  Although it might be redundant at times, we tend to test multiple samples from the same OEM as time goes by. This can be a bit of a challenge from the reviewers stand point if the test units are as similar in results as they are in components. However, this is a good thing when it comes to seeing how consistent a company is at producing their products. Today's sample falls into that area. The only major difference between the SuperFlower Golden Green 800W unit, the Kingwin Laxer Gold 850W unit, and the NZXT Hale90 850W unit is the fact that SuperFlower decided to rate their own unit 50W less than the others. Is this due to internal changes? Will it perform as well as the other two? We will have to see.

  On the back of the box we find a full list of features in two languages.

  • Supports all Intel and AMD Dual Core and Quad Core and its compatible Motherboards, ATX/BTX compliant.
  • Supports Intel Core i7 / Core i5 / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Dua & AMD Phenom II X4 / Phenom II X3 / Athlon 64 X2 series chip set.
  • Compliance with ATX12V v2.2, EPS 12V v2.91, and SSI EPS 12V v2.92 Specification.
  • Support NVIDIA┬«(SLI)/ATI, high rank & high efficiency graphic card.
  • Patent black color connector, easy plug-in design, safe and firmly attached once connected.
  • Fit in with EuP(Energy-using Products) instructions / USA Energy Star standards: energy consumption during shut off status less than 1W.
  • Over Power Protection / Under Power Protection / Over Voltage Protection / Short Circuit Protection.
  • More than 2,000 Times ON / OFF Test.
  • Passed 80PLUS┬«Gold Certification, on 20% 50% 100% loading, with 87% 90% 87% Transform Efficiency.
  • All series are made of RoHS unleaded green material.
  • Full Range Design from 100V ~ 250V. (Active PFC).
  • Multiple safety certificates acquired.
  • Patent high power and low consumption transformer / Patent dual voltage circuit with intelligence thermal control system (Patent applying for U.S.A., Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Spain, ect.)



  The other two sides pretty much re-iterate what we read in the features.

  Flipping the box over to the rear we find the specifications and connector layout for the SuperFlower Golden Green 800W power supply.

  Let's get this thing unpacked already.

   Opps... Look at that, the power cord will not work in my 110V receptacle. Guess they didn't realize that I lived in the US by the address they shipped it to. At least the plug on the other end is standard. There is also a package of four thumb screws, and a User Guide.

  Here we have the SuperFlower Golden Green 800W power supply in all its glory. As we can see the unit is dressed in a matte black finish with gold and black stickers. That bright butterfly sure does stand out.

  Looking at the rear of the unit, we can see the normal large honeycomb exhaust grill.

  Looks to me like the butterfly is trying to flyaway with our sample... Now hang on there little guy!

  I'm sure you've seen this style of modular connector before. I wasn't sure at first if I would like the larger connectors on the modular side of this. After having used these a few times, they do feel like they make a solid connection, and they are a little easier to get a hold of.

  Here we have the a shot of the 140mm LED fan used for cooling the Golden Green 800W. I would have probably went with a green LED fan if it was me.

  And here's the specification label. As I noted previously, this unit is rated at 50W less on the max combined wattage. It appears that SuperFlower has taken all of it off of the +12V rail. We will just have to see if this affects the performance of this unit during testing.

SuperFlower Golden Green 800W
DC Output +3.3V +5V
-12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 24A 24A 66A 0.5A 3.0A
Max Combined Wattage 120W 792W 6W 15W

  For fixed cables we have the 20+4pin ATX cable, a 4+4pin EPS12V/ATX12V power cable, and a 6+2pin PCIe cable. It's nice to see they kept things minimal here, nothing sucks more than having a modular PSU and having to tie back fixed cables you're not using.

  Here we have the modular cables that are included. As you can see, they are fully sleeved from end to end, and match the fixed cables. Below is a complete breakdown of the modular cables that lists the length of the cable between connectors, which connectors it has, and how many connectors total are on the cable.

SuperFlower Golden Green 800W
Type of connector: Quantity
Fixed Cables
  ATX 20+4 pin connector (550mm) 1
  EPS 12V/ATX 12V 4+4 pin (620mm) 1
  PCI-E 6 pin connector (560mm),  PCI-E 6+2 pin connector (+150mm) 2
Modular Cables
  PCI-E 6 pin connector (550mm) (2 cables w/1 connector ea.) 2
  PCI-E 6+2 pin connector (550mm) (2 cables w/1 connector ea.) 2
  5.25" Drive 4 pin (500mm + 150mm + 150mm), 3.5" Drive 4 pin (+150mm) 4
  SATA (500mm + 150mm),  5.25" Drive 4 pin (+ 150mm + 150mm) 4
  SATA (500mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm) (2 cables w/ 4 connectors ea.) 8
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)
180mm x 150mm x 86mm


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