Reviews - SilverStone SG07B-W w/ ST60F-SG 600W Power Supply
Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By Tazz on Thu, Mar-31-2011)

Page 1 - First Look

  The SilverStone SG07B-W comes in a thick walled cardboard box that showcases a 3/4 view of the SG07B-W. At the lower left corner SilverStone lists eight main features of the SG07B-W. 

  • Class leading SFF chassis with 180mm fan and positive pressure cooling.
  • Ample space for CPU cooling (117mm in height).
  • Elevated standoff for motherboard back side components.
  • Support for two 2.5" SSD/hard drives and one 3.5" hard drive.
  • Includes 80 PLUS Bronze certified 600W@50°C PSU with single +12V rail.
  • Adjustable VGA fan duct for improved cooling efficiency.
  • Removable fan filters included for case fan, PSU, and VGA duct.
  • Support graphics cards up to 12.2 inches and 400W.


  On one end you will find the eight features listed out in nine other languages. While on the other end we have an introduction section explaining some of the options on the SG07 along with a specification table and reference area.

SilverStone SG07B-W Specifications
Model No. SST-SG07B (Black)
SST-SG07B-W (Black w/ Window)
Material Plastic front panel with aluminum plate, SECC body
Motherboard Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Drive Bay
External Slim optical x 1
Internal 3.5" x 1, 2.5" x 2
Cooling System
Side VGA fan duct with oversized vents
Top 180mm Air Penetrator 700/1200 RPM, 18/34 dBA
Bottom PSU intake vents and VGA exhaust divider
Expansion Slot 2
Front I/O Port USB2.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply Custom 600W with 80PLUS Bronze certification and single +12V rail
Expansion Card Supports expansion cards up to 12.2 inches
Limitation of CPU cooler 117mm
Limitation of PSU 140mm (remove VGA Card if you want to install up to 170mm)
Net Weight 4.90 kg
Dimension 222 mm (W) x 190 mm (H) x 350 mm (D)


  The SilverStone SG07B-W is shipped in a fairly hefty bag to protect the exterior of the case while being shipped. We can also see that the windows and the front aluminum insert have an additional layer of plastic film. I wish some of the other companies out there would follow SilverStone's lead on packaging and protection methods of their products.  Sure one might save a little money using thinner cardboard boxes, and not using some of the other methods, but this surely has to cut down on RMA's due to shipping damage.


  Looking at the front, we have the Power switch at the lower left, with the Power LED just to the right of it. Top center is the optical drive cover*. On the right side we have two USB ports, mic, and headphone jacks.

* Please note that the SG07 will only accommodate a Slim optical drive.

  Along the left side we have a large section of the window that is vented to allow fresh air into the video cards intake fan. SilverStone has also included a small duct for use with the VGA card which is also filtered.

  On the right side we have the section of vents towards the front which is in line with the PSU's exhaust. Toward the rear we see that the second window is also vented a little over halfway up to allow for better air flow to the CPU area of the motherboard.

  On the top we have a large vent for the included 180mm intake fan. This is filtered as well and does require you to remove the outer panel to access the filter for cleaning.

  On the bottom we have another large vent for the PSUs intake. We can see that the cover over it is held on by four screws to allow you to remove the screen and clean it without having to open the case.

  At the rear we will find the PSU power plug with the Reset switch just below and to the left. Over on the far left side we have a speed switch for the 180mm intake fan to switch from Low to High. The SG07 has a standard I/O port area and two PCI slot covers.

  Here we have everything that came in the accessories bag. Two cable ties, a bag of misc screws for hardware installation, power cord, foam for VGA vent, mount for VGA vent, and the SG07 manual.

  Up to this point we have seen that the case offers several vents for optimized cooling as well as filters for all air intake locations to control the amount of dust that enters the case. If you haven't noticed yet, the chassis is made of steel with a plastic front panel which includes an aluminum insert.  It requires the user to use a Slim CD / DVD drive rather than the standard size drives. The finish has a matte black paint that also has a slight bit of texture it, the front aluminum insert has a brushed aluminum look to it. Let's move on to cracking the case open to see what we have on the inside.


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