Reviews - Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 64gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Sample Provided by: Kingston (By jonny on Tue, Mar-01-2011)

Page 1 - What's in the packaging
Today's review is written by Kristofer Brozio.  Kristofer is from, a product review site, who graciously allowed us to post this content on

Today we have a USB flash drive review, it’s a new product from Kingston, the DT Ultimate 64gb USB 3.0 flash drive.

The Kingston DT Ultimate comes in everyone’s favorite package: The nearly impenetrable sealed plastic clam-shell. They're certainly tons of fun to get open, aren’t they?!

Upon opening the package you’ll find the drive itself, a small nylon key-chain or mini-lanyard and a double ended USB cable. The USB cable is supposed to be used when you’re connecting the DT Ultimate to a USB 2.0 port to provide extra power. On my system, I found no need for it.  However, it might be needed on a laptop as the power available is a bit lower.

The Kingston DT Ultimate is large and rather heavy for a USB flash drive, but it feels well made. The drive is a combination of metal and plastic.  The sides are metal. There’s a badge on the top with the DT Ultimate 64gb logo and on the bottom is the Kingston logo.

The cap comes off and can be attached to the bottom so you can't misplace it. The connector looks like a standard USB connection but with blue color inside of it.


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