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Sample Provided by: Thortech (By Tazz on Mon, Nov-08-2010)

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GeIL (Golden Emperor Int'l Ltd.) has been around since 1993. They have made a substantial footprint in the memory market putting them at the top of the list amongst the best. As it would appear, they plan to bring their new company in like a "drop of the hammer" laying the law down. With their first set of units getting ready to hit the market, they are starting off with two series of power supplies catering to the high standard of 80 Plus gold certification. As we have already seen in recent months. The units boasting the 80 Plus Gold certification, have been putting down the numbers. If there was a time to drop the hammer, I guess now is as good as any.

Thortech has even went with a non-standard packaging design. The box measures in at roughly 325mm long s 190mm tall x 225mm wide. It utilizes two cloth straps that give you a nice carrying handle.

As we can see by looking at the front of the box, the Thunderbolt Plus 800W is boasting the 80 PLUS Gold certification along with the nVidia SLI Ready badge and a badge indicating that it carries a 5 year warranty.

Along the rear of the box we find the Product Specifications, the Connector / Cable listings, and the Input / Output ratings for the unit. Thortech is definitely providing the end users with enough information should an end user find one sitting on the shelf at the local retail store. However, most of us are probably going to find this unit more reasonably priced online.

Along one end we find some nicely done 3D icons to list some of the features of the Thunderbolt Plus 800W Gold unit. Let's just hope the power supply itself has this much attention to detail applied to it.

On the other end, we find some more features listed out in numerous languages.

  • Patented Worlds' 1st Interactive Power Control Panel - iPower Meter.
    • Control Function: PSU Fan Control of Turbo Mode and Quiet Mode.
    • Display Function: Working Wattage / Efficiency / Voltage / AMP / Fan Speed.
  • 80 Plus Gold certified, up to 90% Plus efficiency.
  • Single +12V Rail Design.
  • Modular Cable Management.
  • Japanese Named Brand Capacitors.
  • 135mm Dual-Ball-Bearing Fan.
  • Guaranteed to sustain at 50°C ambient with full wattage output.
  • Interleave PFC circuit providing perfect PF value > 0.99.
One of the key features listed that I think will draw some attention is the iPower Meter. Most of us know that the inexpensive Kill-A-Watts and so forth are not the most accurate devices for measuring the wattage and efficiency. Sure they will get you in the ball park, but it's nothing to write home about. Will the Thortech Thunderbolt Plus's iPower Meter give us more accuracy than what most end users have available (BIOS and Software readings)?.


Cracking open the box we find the Quick Installation Guide laying on top of the upper foam padding. Just under those we find the Thunderbolt Plus 800W bagged in a nice velvet bag like man others we've seen. To the right of that we get our first glance at the iPower Meter standing up there.

With everything laid out we can see at the bottom left is the iPower Meter, just above that is the Quick Installation Guide. To the right of those we have some Velcro straps to aid in cable management, with the modular cable pouch just above it. At the far right we have 2 sets of screws (standard Phillips head screws to mount the PSU, and one black thumb screws to mount the iPower Meter). Just above those is the Power cord, with the Thunderbolt Plus 800W Gold unit at the very top.

Would you look at that... We have a installation manual that is done with proper high quality images that you can actually see... and its in color. Although, I would have liked to seen the power supplies specifications listed in it along with some of the additional features.


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