Reviews - Enermax Infiniti 720W
Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By jonny on Sat, Apr-21-2007)

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     This week I received a package from Enermax.  I'll save some of the other stuff that was in the box for later.  But the Infiniti 720W in the box I couldn't wait to tear open and throw on the bench.

     Why the enthusiasm?  Well, the Liberty reviewed well for me and you could essentially think of the Infiniti power supply as the sequel.  Not a sequel like Speed 2: Cruise Control or Basic Instinct 2, but more like Empire Strikes Back or Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

     I mean, you have more power (720W vs. 620W,) more modular connectors and cables in a unit that's more efficient.  What the heck... more +12V rails too.

     Needless to say, I come into this review with a "what's not to love" attitude.

     The box is very colorful and informative. The background color of the box looks like brushed metal look to match the look of the power supply within.

     A number of important, as well as highly technical, bullet points are laid out on one side panel of the box.   Here we see that the 720W rating is done at 40C ambient instead of the typical 25C, so odds are this puppy is going to hold up o.k. in the hot box.

     Here there is a description of how the CoolGuard works.  It shows that fans will spin for 10 seconds after PSU temperatures drop below 45C and will spin for up to 2 minutes while the temperatures are above 45C.  Of course, if your PSU is over 45C for as long as two minutes after the PC is off... you've got issues.

     On this panel of the box, there is a description of what each color the diagnostic LED means.  There's also a buzzer that sounds if the fan stops or if there's a short.

     Apparently, the same box is used for the 650W and 720W as both unit's specs are listed on this panel.  Enermax puts the bulk of the extra wattage the 720W offers over the 650W on the +12V rails by giving us 48 more Watts of power on the combined +12V rails.

     Inside, we see a manual, our modular cables, a box with some more goodies in it, I'm sure....

     A little photocopied flier sits on top of everything. All of the modular cables are shipped in a little plastic bag.

     Underneath the bulk of the box is hidden a REAL manual (glossy card stock, not photocopied) a card describing the CoolGuard function (in case you missed what the box was trying to say) and a nylon bag for spare cables.

     Inside the little white parts box is a power cord, four mounting screws, rubber "block offs" for unused modular ports and a Molex to floppy splitter cable.

     Now that we've had a good look at everything that surrounds the power supply inside and outside of the box, let's take a look at the power supply itself....


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