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Sample Provided by: Corsair (By jonny on Thu, Aug-26-2010)

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Sometimes big things come in small packages. In today's review, a small thing comes in a large package. A VERY large package. How large, you ask?

The Corsair AX850 power supply comes in a box that is 15.5" long. That's 390mm! One would think that with a box this large, there must be something large inside. Certainly, more than just a power supply. Perhaps every Corsair AX850 comes with a 6GB kit of Dominator GT DDR3 memory and a 128GB Voyager thumb drive? Oooh... one could only hope.

Well, before we crack the seal on this box and see what's actually inside, let's see what kind of propaganda Corsair puts on all of this real estate.

In five languages, I am told that this in a high-performance ATX power supply.

On the back of the box, again in five languages, I am given quite the back story:

Wow! Talk about setting the bar high. "Mission-critical stability", "one of the best", "90% efficiency at 50% load".... That's why we're here today folks!

Way in the lower right hand side of the back of the box, we have the DC output capability of this power supply....












Max Power






Along the top of the back of the box, we are told what kind of connectors to expect inside. This is important for those who might have a dual processor board that requires both 8-pin and 4-pin or two 8-pin CPU power connectors or two 300W PCI Express graphics cards that will require four PCIe connectors, two of which will need to be 8-pin PCIe power connectors:

We'll cover all the cables, connectors, their lengths, etc. on the next page once we open this box up. Let's keep looking around this huge box we have here....

On the side of the box, we're given a few more bullet-points and some nifty logos...

Once again we're reminded that this PSU should have mission-critical stability. Apparently, the flexibility is unprecedented due to the 100% modularity. Hmm... Unprecedented means "without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled." I guess all those fully modular Ultra Products and SilverStone power supplies were overlooked when looking for prior art. And now that BFG is out of business and can no longer support their Lifetime Warranty, Corsair does have industry leading warranty and support with it's 7 year warranty.

The logos represent Corsair's 7 year warranty, that the PSU is certified by 80 Plus to perform to 80 Plus Gold standards, that the PSU meets the requirements of the E.U. for an Energy Using Product (EuP) and finally... this unit is ready to be installed in a sixth generation Corvette. Wait... what?

This one actually required an email to Corsair as I have never heard of "C6 Ready" or have seen a "C6 Ready" logo. As it turns out, the C6 Corsair is referring to is the C6 state of an Intel processor, also known as the deep power down state. The C6 state reduces the CPU's core voltage and shuts off power to the core clock and cache thus reducing power consumption. What Corsair means by "C6 Ready" is that even in this power state, which results in a very low load on the power supply, the power supply will still put out voltages that are within specification. I'm sure there are some power supplies out there that might not be C6 ready... right? But I digress...

Finally, from the other side of the box:

Naturally, this PSU has auto-switching circuitry that provides a wide range of AC input, it supports ATX12V 2.3 and EPS12V 2.91 (needs two usable CPU power connectors) and is backwards compatible with older ATX12V specifications. Finally, the dimensions of the unit. 150mm x 86mm x 160mm. Wait? 160mm deep? That's really small... and less than half the size of this box! Well... we know that it's not the PSU taking up all the space in this box. Let's open it up and see what's inside....


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