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Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Fri, Aug-06-2010)

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Greetings once again, folks. In recent weeks, I've reviewed so many 80 Plus Gold certified units, I'd just about forgotten other certification levels existed. But indeed, not every company is looking for Gold when bringing new units to market. One example is Enermax, who has just delivered unto me an updated version of the Revolution 85+ line at 1020 watts, rated for 80 Plus Silver. Why, it seems like just last year I was taking a look at the older 1050W Revolution, giving it one of the highest scores of any unit on this site. Since that one was also 80 Plus Silver, I'm anxious indeed to see what's changed about this line in the time since.

Here's the back of the box, where all the marketing hype can be found in ten languages. For brevity's sake, I'll only reprint one set of these here:

  • 85PLUS ready!
    World leading modular cable PSU series with 85-91% efficiency @ 20-100% load. Certified by 80 PLUS® organization (920W/1020W).
  • FUTURE CPU ready!
    Ready for most upcoming CPU generations by 12P sockets for possible connector changes, by complying to latest EPS12V PSU design guides for compatibility & by ZERO LOAD Design for C6 state functions.
  • FUTURE GPU ready!
    Ready for most upcoming GPU generations by 12P sockets for possible connector changes, by up to six massive 12V rails for perfect load distribution & by ZERO LOAD Design for Hybrid Mode functions.
  • 24/7 @ 50°C ready!
    Non-Stop industrial class performance at 50°C ambient.
  • SERVER ready!
    SSI PSDG 2009 support for latest Intel® Core Extreme/i7, Xeon™, and AMD® Opteron™ and SLI® or CrossFireX™ and AMD GAME! or AMD GAME! Ultra systems and downward compatible with SSI PSDG 2008 1.0, EPS12V 2.92, 2.91, 2.8.
  • EMC ready!
    Full scale electromagnetic filtering protects your system against radiation interferences.
  • HeatGuard
    Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime.

Over on this side of the box, we finally get a chance to see a fancy efficiency graph, as well as another 80 Plus Silver logo. Also prominent is some more marketing, where Enermax stresses again that this unit can work under a ZERO LOAD condition on all rails. But that's not the most amusing part of this. On the far right is a diagram of three connectors with the following terms printed beside: 8P, today. 10P, tomorrow. 12P, and beyond. This is to show that Enermax is thinking about the future, and possible connector changes. But you know what? This same marketing was applied to the Revolution 85+ series when I looked at the old 1050W model last year. Do we have 10 pin CPU connectors? We do not. Do we have rumblings of 10 and 12 pin connectors coming any time soon, CPU or GPU or otherwise? We do not.

Guys, it's nice to think about planning for the future, but I'm reckoning that maybe we're thinking a bit too far ahead, here.

The diagrams continue on this side of the box, where we get to see a list of all connectors present on the cabling.

Still another panel of the box brags once again about the efficiency of the unit, hinting at Gold performance should you happen to have 230VAC to feed into the AC receptacle. A five year warranty is also specified here.

There are three models in this update of the series at 920W, 1020W, and 1250W. Specs for each are presented in the above view. You may remember that the 1050W I looked at last year had six 12V rails. Two of those are done away with on this revision, with their current spec increased to 35A each. This is actually how I prefer my own personal units to be set up. No massive single 12V rails with OCP trip points high enough to weld with, and yet the multiple 12V OCP is set high enough that it can't possibly cause any shutdown issues with the latest and greatest from nVidia or ATI.

This is what comes in the box. Two more boxes. Let's just unpack, here.

Let's see... kitchen sink, kitchen sink... nope, they stopped just short of the kitchen sink. Everything else is there, though. Some velcro cable ties, a modular cable bag, some modular cables, a power cord, a power cord retention clip, a case badge, some screws, a user guide, an Enermax "20-year anniversary" product brochure, a 120mm LED fan, some screws for the LED fan, a three pin to Molex power adapter cable for the fan... and I think that's it. Oh, right... there's a power supply in there, too.

Here's the free fan enclosed with the unit. I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at it. It's a fan... it has shiny blades, it spins, blows air, lights up... that's about it.

Here's the user guide, and a useful one it is. Most of its thickness is the same set of instructions reprinted in different languages, but it does have all the necessary info in there.

The above two pictures are of the anniversary brochure in its entirety. Not limited to just power supplies, it lists a bunch of other Enermax products, hoping that you will buy some of them, too.

Here's that case sticker I mentioned, along with a few of its screwy buddies.

And here's the power supply itself. The finish is pretty much identical to the previous generation Revolution models, although the case is shallower, there are changes to the exhaust grille and modular connector panel, and there is no more status LED.

Another angle for your amusement. As you can see, the cable sleeving remains the result of a Kirby vacuum cleaner crossbreeding with a garter snake.

Yup, it's a Revolution 85+ model, all right.

Yup, it's an Enermax model, all right. What's the deal with the indentations under the AC receptacle? Here, let me show you.

Those indentations are so you can install the included power cord retaining clip, like so. That keeps your power cord in place while you're practicing your square dancing behind the computer. No more allemande right yank the power cord while you circle right back home.

But that's only if you were forced to learn square dancing in gym class in high school, like I was. Let me tell you something... when coming out of ballet class with tights on in full view of a gym packed with Schwartzenegger wanna-bes is somehow less embarrassing than gym class... maybe it's time to rethink what we make teenagers do in gym class. Just sayin.'

"Ok, kids, let's all put the basketballs down while I fire up the ol' record player here and we'll get our mandatory square dancing lesson done."

Oh, gee, can we?!?!

We've already taken a look at one fan, and now here's another. This one does not light up or go "blingity bling bling dawg, yo wazzup shawty" while it's running. It just keeps the power supply cool. That's all.

Another thing different about this new model is that this unit is specified to handle the full 1020W on only the 12V rails alone. This means that in order to test this, I will have to also test the whole ZERO LOAD thing they were bragging about on the box, for if I didn't zero out all the other rails, I would automatically overload the unit by going for that 85A combined 12V number. Since I don't load test to intentional overload, this is exactly what I'll do.

And then, just to cement how cool I am, I'm going to run out and do some square dancing. Because that's been, like, the totally most valuable skill I ever learned in high school, see.


+3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V +5VSB
24A 24A


35A 35A 35A 0.5A 3A
Max Power 150W 1020W 6W 15W

Here are the modular cable connectors. The layout is quite a bit different from Revolution units of yore, which also had some ventilation back here as well.

As was the case with the hardwired cables last time, the PCI-E and EPS/ATX cables are joined together to a certain point where they split off and do their own thing. I'm still not sure if this is an advantage or a disadvantage to your cable routing chores.

Here are the modular cables. I can't say for sure that they're pin compatible with the previous generation cables, but they at least look the same, right down to the unsleeved wire between peripheral connectors.

Type of connector: Enermax
ATX connector (570mm) 24 pin 12V1
4+4 pin ATX12V/EPS12V (585mm) 1
8 pin EPS12V (585mm) 1
6+2 pin PCIe (455mm) 2 12V4
Modular Cables
6+2 pin PCIe (500mm) 4 12V2/3/4
SATA (445mm+100mm+100mm+100mm) 12 12V2/3
5.25" Drive (450mm+100mm+100mm) 6
3.5" Drive (+100mm) 1
Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)
175mm x 150mm x 85mm


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