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Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Sat, Jan-16-2010)

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I'm going to be completely honest here. For this review, I was thinking of putting on a silver wig, fastening on a bulbous prosthetic chin, and talking in a high pitched squeaky voice while shaking my head back and forth like it was about to fall off. But then I thought about it some more and remembered the judge said I wasn't supposed to do that anymore. That, and I really don't care whether millionaire X is doing a show at time Y, or whether millionaire Z is taking over millionaire W's time slot. I have a... what do you call it... you know, that thing that hooks up to the TV that gets a lot of stations in different time zones... riiiiight... a SATELLITE DISH.

So, if you folks don't mind, I'm going to leave all the late night TV network talk show stuff to those who give a darn and review one of those power supply things like I'm supposed to. And also make sure my pants aren't on the ground or my hat is on sideways.

Today, we'll be taking a look at what is only the third unit I've had come across the review table to garner 80 Plus Gold certification - the Enermax Modu87+. As you can see by the above picture, we're dealing with the 700 watt model in the line.

As usual, the box has a lot of marketing goodness on it, on more than one side. Above, you can see one of the sides. Friends, this printing is nigh impossible to read, and not just because this whole panel is devoted to marketing points in every language on Earth but English. Without good lighting, the gold on black type isn't easy to see. Mr. Fuji took several pictures, and this was the best one.

Aha! I knew I'd find the English marketing points! Since there is no way y'all will be able to read this, unless your name is Steve Austin or Superman, I'll just go ahead and reprint it for you. Well, most of it anyway. I better put the optometrist on speed dial so I can call him up in a hurry if need be.

  • 87PLUS ready!
    Extreme efficiency PSU series with 87-92% efficiency @ 20-100% load. Certified to meet 80 PLUS® GOLD requirements.
    -I intend to test this on the coming two pages. Will it stay Golden even while the hot box has its way with it? We shall see. Maybe. I might be blind by then.
  • SpeedGuard
    The world's leading patented fan control starting with unmatched 330RPM to a maximum of 1000RPM for optimal cooling and minimum noise.
    -I think I know what they're getting at here... they're saying this unit can get the fan started at a slower speed than usual.
  • Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology
    Technological breakthrough topology using a staged dynamic transformer array for extremely high efficiency with the most durable and stable output at any load.
    -Uh, ok then. We'll have to wait for page four to see what the deal is here.
  • Hybrid Capacitor Array
    High-performance capacitor array of heavy-duty solid capacitors & Japanese electrolytic capacitors to ensure tightest DC stability and regulation.
  • C6 & Hybrid Ready!
    Maximum compatibility with C6 & hybrid states of current and future CPU & GPU generations by ZERO LOAD design (no minimum load).
  • TWFJSPW SDR QISNSI... aaah, my eyes! Where are those eyedrops, ah here we go. Son of a... that was Pepsi! That's gotta be it, to my left here. Let's try this again.
    13.9cm Twister-bearing fan with low noise and long lifetime. (100,000 hours MTBF, Patented)
    -Wait, a fan bearing twisters? Am I going to need Reed Timmer here while I load test this?
  • Future Ready!
    12P modular design for possibly upcoming new CPU and GPU 10P and/or 12P connectors.
    -I've been seeing this from Enermax units for several months now. To date, there hasn't been much talk of standards changing enough to make this a priority. My advice for you, dear reader, is to just look at whether or not this unit meets your needs today. These kinds of changes could be years away, and by that time we could all be living on the moon or underwater or something else cool like that.
  • DXXI Ready!
    100% 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connector to support new generation > 300W DXXI graphic cards.
    -Oh boy! I'm going to start whistling Dixxi! Who's with me?
  • 24/7 @ 50°C Ready!
    Non-stop industrial class performance at 50°C ambient.
    -We'll find out the truth of this statement on page three.
  • Gaming Ready!
    ATX12V v2.3 support for latest Intel® Core™ 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme/i7/i5, and AMD® Athlon™ 64X2X4 & Phenom™ II and SLI® or CrossFireX™
  • World Ready!
    100-240VAC in with automatic adjustment and active PFC for global useage.
    -This is one of the side benefits of Active PFC. You are unlikely to find an APFC unit that cannot be used worldwide.
  • HeatGuard
    Keeping shjkhrw asfo gjkof... oh great. Eyedrop time again! Gaaaaah! That was coffee!!! Why do I keep eyedrops in a drinking cup? Uh, no reason. I hope this part is over soon.
    Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shutdown to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime.
  • SafeGuard
    Industry-leading octuple protection circuitry of OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP, & SIP.
    -What, no NBC protection? There's a 1929 Duesenberg parked across the street RIGHT NOW. It's been there ever since my opening paragraph. What am I supposed to do about that?!
  • CordGuard
    Fixing the AC cord tightly to avoid accidental shutdowns of your PC.
    -This is actually not new to the industry. You will find power cord retention clips on many industrial grade power supplies out there.

Whew. That took a while. I'm now convinced Enermax could turn anything into a marketing bullet point. But wait, there's more. In addition to the above bullet points, there are graphs and tables and icons galore on this side of the box, extolling the countless virtues of owning this here Enermax product. I tried to have a good long look at them for you, but it was like driving against the blinding sun after a rainstorm. As a wise Dalek once said, my vision is impaired - I cannot see.

And the printing doesn't even stop once you open the lid for the first time. As best I can tell, that little blurb there is a multilingual statement that Enermax has a support forum at for all your support needs.

The Modu87+ comes with a lot of goodies: modular cables, a bag for those modular cables, some velcro ties, an AC power cord, a retention clip for the power cord, a little Enermax sticker, some screws, and a manual.

Speaking of the manual, here it is now. It's decent in terms of information supplied therein.

And here's the Modu87+ itself. And again I find myself reaching for the eyedrops... could they have used a more tacky looking fan? Sure, it's most likely there because this is an 80 Plus Gold unit and they want to highlight that fact, but man... why not a straight black fan, with simple understated gold highlights on the rest of the enclosure? That fan doesn't look like gold to me, it looks like cheap gold colored plastic.

Another angle. Are... are those blue heatsinks I see in there? Ok, forget gold highlights on the enclosure. Make the fan black and the heatsinks gold, and you'll have something I like looking at. I'll pardon the modular connectors because it's good to be able to tell easily what cable goes where, but I think Enermax really needs to do some more work on the aesthetics of this unit.

I will say that the mirrored finish is rather nice though.

Oh, so that's what you do with that little rectangular sticker that came with the unit... you put it there, above the AC receptacle. That's a good place for it.

Though it pains my eyes to see the fan from straight on like this, here you go. The fan.

Here's our load table for the moment. Notable is the combined 12V capacity of this unit, which adds up to 696 watts. That's right, you can pull almost the entire capacity of the unit right off the 12V rails. And since this spec is only four watts from the total rated capacity of the unit, you will need almost a zero load condition on all other rails to do it without overloading the poor thing.

Enermax EMG700AWT 3.3V 5V 12V1 12V2 12V3 -12V 5VSB
24A 24A 25A 25A 25A 0.5A 3A
Max Power 120W 696W 6W 15W

Here's a close-up of the modular cable connectors on the unit. It's rather easy to tell what does what - the black ones are for peripheral cables and the red ones are for PCI-E cables. These are all on 12V2 or 12V3 or both, depending on the connector. The manual goes into which goes on which rail, but here's a spoiler for you. From left to right on the black ones: V3, V3, V3, V2, V2. The red ones use both V2 and V3. On the connectors, the top six pins are 12V. Of those six pins, the right three are 12V2 while the left three are 12V3. Confused yet, would we?

Now this, I like to see. A modular unit with only the ATX and CPU connectors hardwired to it. All three of these are on 12V1, by the way.

The modular cables. Supplementing the main unit's awful gold/black/blue color scheme, now we get sleeving with red on it. I now wish I could switch my eyes over to black and white for the rest of this review.

Type of connector: Enermax EMG700AWT
ATX connector (590mm) 24 pin 12V1
8 pin EPS12V (590mm) 1
4+4 pin EPS12V/ATX12V (590mm) 1
Modular Cables
5.25" Drive (445mm+150mm+150mm+150mm) 4 12V2/
3.5" Drive (+150mm) 1
SATA (450mm+150mm) 4
5.25" Drive (+150mm+150mm) 4
SATA (450mm+150mm+150mm+150mm) 4
6+2 pin PCIe (490mm) 4
Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)
160mm x 150mm x 86mm


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