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Sample Provided by: BFG (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Aug-16-2009)

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Power supplies!!! Power supplies are what bwings us togevah...... today. Power supply testing, that bwessed awwangement... that dweam wivin a dweam!

Sorry guys, I went to the dentist on Friday and it looks like the medication has yet to wear off. Last week, I introduced you to one of the two power supplies available with BFG's Phobos series of high end gaming rigs, the LS1000. And that unit did well, garnering a recommendation for being a darned good power supply. But what comes in the more expensive Phobos machines? Is it that same unit, or something even more awesome?

Well, today's review sample is the LS1200. One thousand, two hundred fifty watts of goodness. We're going to find out for sure how much more awesome it is, if indeed it is more awesome.

As was the case with the LS1000, I didn't get much to go with my review sample. Just a 14 gauge power cord. But what a power cord... when I stretched that bad boy out, it ran to fifteen feet. No joke. That power cord isn't just on the brute squad, it is the brute squad. It also likes to rhyme about peanuts for some reason.

The LS1200 comes in the same mirror finish as the LS1000 did. In the bottom right corner, you can see why mine came with that big power cord - it has an unusual IEC C19 AC receptacle on it. In fact, this is the same connector my Silverstone ST1200 had on it. And for good reason - both are Enhance built. And for another good reason - this type of receptacle can take more current than the normal one.

Now, I need a picture of the unit from another angle. Farmboy! Fetch me that picture!

As you can see, the cables are sleeved up into the housing once again. And once again, there is a separate 5VSB cable that sticks out of the unit. That cable powers the Phobos front panel gadgetry.

Once again, the unit is cooled by a 135mm wind machine.

How reflective is the finish? Allow Mr. Fuji to demonstrate. Hmm... I should have made him manually focus this shot.

As you can see above, my review sample doesn't even have a BFG label on it. In fact, the LS1200 is the Enhance EPS-0312, and is actually a 1250W unit. Man, this thing is a monster - look at those 12V rails. 93A and change is available to all six rails, and with three of them sitting there at 28A you won't be running short on power, depending how things are distributed. We'll see about that later.

BFG LS1200
Max Power

There's actually a misprint on the above label. Spot it? Right, the massive 6A 5VSB rail is only rated for 17.5W. I've gone ahead and fixed that for the above table, because I am going to run that rail right up to 6A. I'm not waiting for Vizzini, I surely am a meanie.

Down at the bottom center of this picture, you can see the odd terminal connector attached to the 5VSB cable of the unit. This is what you'd plug the Phobos front panel computer into.

Type of connector: BFG LS1200
4-pin ATX12V connector (460mm) 1 12V1
8-pin EPS12V connector (455mm) 1 12V1/12V2
4-pin ATX12V connector (+150mm) 1 12V2
6+2 pin PCIe (660mm) 2 12V3, 12V4
6 pin PCIe (+150mm) 2
ATX connector (455mm) 20+4 pin 12V5
5.25" Drive (440mm+150mm+150mm) 3
SATA (360mm+150mm) 2
5.25" Drive (440mm+150mm) 2 12V6
SATA (360mm+150mm+150mm+150mm) 4
Auxiliary 5VSB Header (450mm) 1
Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)
180mm x 150mm x 86mm

Otherwise, the cabling is much the same thing I saw with the LS1000. None of them are really any longer, but there are more useful connectors present on this model. Molexes and SATA connectors are divided between 12V5 and 12V6, and the PCI-E connector chains each get a 28A rail to themselves. If I have any complaints here, it would be the 12V5/12V6 cable assignments. 46A is way too darned much capacity for peripheral connectors - 12V5 is better served with a third chain of PCI-E connectors, and 12V6 is more than enough for all the Molexes and SATAs this unit has. That would make the LS1200 easily capable of three way GPU goodness.

Still, this unit is first and foremost designed for the Phobos, so I can't complain that much about the cabling. Like the LS1000, this unit is out there in the retail channels as an OEM type deal.

Now, let's head for the cliffs of insanity as I prepare to load test a 1200W/1250W monster.


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