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Sample Provided by: Hiper (By jonny on Tue, Aug-22-2006)

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This weekend, I had the Hiper Type-R 580W power supply up on the bench to play with. This is a modular power supply, with sleeved cables, a 120MM intake fan and 80MM exhaust.

The housing of the Type-R is very unique, almost stunning. It comes in either a shiny blue (shown here), red, silver or black and the entire cover is perforated (close up picture below.)

For most people, the big draw to the Hiper Type-R is the threaded coax-style modular connectors (shown above.) For me, it's the big plastic toolbox the power supply arrived in (below.) This toolbox comes complete with a "small-parts" tray on top.

Speaking of the connectors, I've found that the connectors that Hiper uses for the Type-R are both it's best feature, and worst feature of this power supply.

The first problem is that most of the connectors I may need are actually on adapter cables and are not actual cables that attach directly to the power supply. I'm only given six cables that screw directly onto the PSU housing. And I have seven more cables that can adapt Molexes to other things (SATA, PCI-e, floppy, etc.)

Type of connector: Hiper Type-R 580W
ATX connector 20+4
2 x 2 12V connectors 1
2 x 3 PCIe 2*
8-pin Xeon/EPS connector 0
6-pin Xeon/AUX connector 0
5.25" Drive connectors


3.5" Drive connectors 1***
SATA Drive power connectors 4****
Fan only connectors (thermostatically controlled 12V only) 0
* An adapter is provided for a second PCI-e. It converts two Molexes to one PCI-e
** In addition to the four modular 5.25" Molex cables, there are four Molex extension cables.
*** The 3.5" connector comes in the form of an adapter that converts a 5.25" Molex to a 3.5".
**** There are two Molex to SATA adapters. Each adapter supports two drives.

Of the cables that screw into the power supply, I only get four Molex connectors, a P4 +12V connector and a single PCI-e connector. Because there is only one dedicated PCI-e cable, a second PCI-e is accomplished by adapting a pair of Molexes to a six-pin connector (shown above.) Despite this, the Hiper Type-R is SLI Certified for up to 6600GT cards.

The second problem is how the connectors are made. The big argument against modular power supplies is how much resistance a modular connector creates. Recently, I found that even with an 11A load on a 12V modular connector, the greatest drop in voltage I could find was only .03V at the connector. That's only a .25% drop in voltage. But a drop none the less. However, these finding were done with modular power supplies with one to one connectors.

So why potentially worsen things by eliminating redundant 12V connections at the power supply by combining two or three wires into one single connector pin?

Above is a shot of the 4-pin +12V cable. Notice how the power supply interface only has two pins, yet there are four going to the motherboard.

I noticed that the single PCI-e connector had three pins. A 6-pin PCI-e connector has three 12V leads and three grounds. I was curious how they split these six wires up across three pins, so I decided to take one apart...

I had found that the three 12V wires and the three grounds were each soldered down to only one pin each. The third pin isn't even used.

The third problem with the connectors is how far the cable has to stick out before you can put a bend to it. In the picture below, you'll see how the attached cables have to come out of the power supply at least an inch before I can bend them back.

Now let's take a look at the rails of the Hiper Type-R 580W...

Hiper Type-R 580W
+3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5VSB
32A 36A 20A 18A 0.8A 2.5A
Max Combined Watts 280W 360W 9.6W 12.5W
560W 22.1W

There is a maximum output of 360W on the combined 12V rails, which is rather low for a "580W" power supply. Of the power supplies I've reviewed recently, an Ultra X2 550W has 408W on the combined 12V rails, an Antec True Power II 550W does 420W, the SevenTeam ST-500EAZ does 456W, a Corsair HX520W does 480W and a Silverstone Element 500W has 432W on the combined 12V rails. Proof positive that one shouldn't look at the total output rating of a power supply when trying to find one that puts out more power on the 12V rails.

Now let's see if the Hiper can even put out 360W on the combined 12V rails....


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