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Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Apr-19-2009)

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Several weeks ago, I introduced you to a brand new platform from Enermax in the Revolution 85+ 1050W power supply and lamented the fact that the 1250W model in the line was not available in North America due to issues getting it certified with the Underwriter's Laboratories. Well, as it turns out, I wasn't the only one lamenting that fact, for Enermax themselves started looking for a way around it.

The result of all this lamenting is the Galaxy Evo 1250W unit I have before me today. This is a 1250W 80 Plus Bronze certified monster of a unit that is sure to make any power user happy.

Already, the box wants us to sit down and drool, so that's what I'm doing. Granted, the drooling could be from eating too many ju-jubes and trying to get the remains out of my teeth, but more likely it's from that big "89% max. efficiency" claim on the box. 89% is a very hard number to get out of a unit this size at 120VAC, and I'll be interested to see what the load testing brings.

Another side of the box holds some cable diagrams and tells you how many of them to expect when you get inside the box. Looks like the Galaxy Evo line runs from 850W to 1250W. Or is it Evo Galaxy? Or is it Evalaxy? I like that one, let's go with that.

A full spec table is printed on another side of the box. It lists the specs for all four units in the line. 104A combined at 12V for this one... yumpin' yiminy! Looks like the poor SunMoon SM-268 is outclassed here, for it only loads up to 73A. But guess what... I have a secret weapon for this one. Three secret weapons, in fact. I'll tell you all about it on page the next.

But first here's the back of the box, which has lots of little bullet points I'm going to have to reprint:

ENGLISH. Line. Oh, wait, I don't need those parts. Sorry. Let me try again:

  • 82 Plus Ready!
    High performance PSU series with max. 89% efficiency@20-100% load. Certified by 80 Plus® organization.
  • Future CPU Ready!
    Ready for most upcoming CPU generations by 12P sockets for possible connector changes by complying to latest EPS12V PSU design guides for compatibility & by ZERO LOAD Design for C6 state functions.
  • Future GPU Ready!
    Ready for most upcoming GPU generations by 12P sockets for possible connector changes by six massive 12V rails for perfect load distribution & by ZERO LOAD design for Hybrid Mode functions.
  • 24/7 @ 50°C Ready!
    Non-Stop industrial class performance at 50°C/122°F ambient
  • 99% 12V Power
    World's first EPS12V PSU with 99% 12V output capability.
  • SERVER Ready!
    SSI PSDG 2009 support for latest Intel® Core™ Extreme/i7, Xeon™, and AMD® Opteron™ and SLI™ or CrossFireX™ and AMD GAME! or AMD GAME! Ultra systems and downward compatible with SSI PSDG 2008 1.0, EPS12V 2.92, 2.91, 2.8.
  • EMC Ready!
    Full-scale electromagnetic filtering protects your system against radiation interferences (CE EMC EN61204 compliance).
  • HeatGuard
    Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime.
  • PowerGuard
    PSU status monitor with 4-mode LED (Off / Stand-by / OK / Fail).
  • SafeGuard
    Industry-leading octuple protection circuitry (OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP, SIP)

Most of these bullet points are pretty much the same thing we saw with the Revolution 85+, so I'll keep my wiseass comments to myself just this once. Except for one... why are there so many protection circuits, and yet no UFO or UFC protections? I mean, what happens if I get abducted by aliens or get into a UFC fight? Where will I be then, Enermax? Huh?

As was the case with the Revo, opening the box reveals two more boxes.

Opening the little box reveals some cables and velcro cable ties.

And opening the big box reveals the power supply itself, manual, modular cable pouch, and a massive 14 gauge power cord.

Here's the whole shebang on my photography table, which I affectionately call, "that unstable squeaky piece of two dollar thrift store junk." You get a pile of modular cables, a power supply, a manual, a bag of screws, some velcro cable ties, and a modular cable pouch. It's pretty much the same thing you get with the Revolution 85+ 1050W, actually.

Even the manual appears to be the same, though there are some differences here and there.

Here's that modular cable pouch I spoke of. Nothing terribly special, but it does give you someplace to put those extra cables.

Here's the power supply itself, and a large one it is. The finish is the same as that found on the Revolution 85+, with only the fan grille and the printing on the side showing any differences.

As was the case with the Revo, the printing on one side is upside down compared to the other side. This is so you can always get the printing right side up if you have something like a Twelve Hundred and want your friends to see which PSU you just got done spending a fortune for through the window of your case.

The similarity to the Revo continues here with the modular cable connectors, where things look to be identical. In fact, the 12V rail assignments are the same too. This information can be found in the manual.

And yes indeed, I have my work cut out for me. The 12V combined rating is indeed 104A, which makes this the highest powered unit I've ever tested with respect to the 12V rails. But my secret weapons aren't scared of it, no sir.

3.3V 5V 12V1 12V2 12V3 12V4 12V5 12V6 -12V 5VSB
25A 25A 30A 30A 30A 30A 30A 30A 0.6A 5A
Max Power 170W 1248W 7.2W 25W

Here's a tentacle shot for you. Once again, there's little if any difference from the Revo here. That little solitary cable is the three pin fan monitor cable.

If there was little difference with the Revo in the hardwired cables, the modular ones are downright identical. Here's a table, and I'll see you on the next page:

Type of connector: Enermax
ATX connector (580mm) 24 pin 12V1
8-pin EPS12V connector (610mm) 2* 12V1/12V2
6+2 PCIe (610mm) 2 12V3
3-pin Fan Monitor (530mm) 1
Modular Cables
5.25" Drive (450mm+100mm+100mm) 6 12V4/12V6
3.5" Drive connectors (+100mm) 1
SATA (440mm+100mm+100mm+100mm) 16 12V4/ 12V6
6+2 PCIe (500mm) 6 12V4/12V5/12V6
Unit Dimensions(L x W x H)
190mm x 150mm x 86mm

*one connector is modular 4+4 pin for ATX12V compatibility


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