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Sample Provided by: Antec (By OklahomaWolf on Sat, Apr-04-2009)

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When last we met, I was introducing you to my new friend, the Antec CP-850 CPX form factor power supply. Today, I'm embarking on part two of my look at this new form factor, with a review on one of the very few cases that currently supports such units. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Antec Twelve Hundred.

The Twelve Hundred, or the TH as I like to call it, is apparently designed by Antec to be a gaming case. As such, this puppy comes with fans out the wazoo. And according to the little blurb above, all of them are lit up in blue. Nice... my CPU cooling fan lights up blue, too. It's true, I'll introduce it to you later on in this article. Hmm... water cooling platform? That could be useful. I'll have to investigate this more later on.

As is common for most of the boxes I take pictures of for this site, the back of this one has a bunch of bragging points. Before I put up my own little table of features, I'll reprint those here, since they're impossible to read in the above shot:

  • 12 Drive Bays
  • Advanced Cooling System:
    • 1 top special 200 x 30 mm blue LED exhaust fan with 3-speed switch control (LEDs can be switched off as well)
      -wow, that's a big fan there. Switchable LEDs might be a good thing, for those who have these cases next to their beds. I hope the rest of the fans can have theirs switched off too...
    • 2 rear 120 x 25 mm special black TriCoolâ„¢ blue LED exhaust fans with 3-speed switch control
    • 3 front 120 x 25 mm special black blue LED intake fans with front speed control
      -black and blue? Call the cops, someone's running around beating up Antec's fans!!!
    • 1 side 120 x 25 mm fan to cool graphic cards (optional)
    • 1 middle 120mm fan to cool CPU or graphic cards (optional)
      -huh? Middle fan? What could they be referring to there, I wonder.
    • Water cooling platform for reservoir or pump
  • Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
  • Washable air filters reduce dust buildup in your system
    -ah, good. In my house, all you need to do is turn on a fan and you have an instant dust storm.
  • 7 expansion slots
  • Top mounted I/O ports for easy access
    • Power, reset button and blue HDD activity LED
    • 2 x USB 2.0
      -only two? I hate to say this, but that's so 2004, Antec. My Jetway board has no less than four USB headerson it. It would be nice if I could take advantage of all of them.
    • 1 x eSATA
    • HDA & AC'97 Audio In and Out
  • Convenient top accessory tray for a personal media player
  • Motherboard: Up to standard ATX
  • No power supply included:
    To optimize performance of your Twelve Hundred, your choice of power supply is crucial. Antec strongly recommends choosing from our Signature, TruePower, or NeoPower series.
    -hmm... odd that they don't mention the CPX form factor on the box. Perhaps my sample predates Antec's plans for global power supply form factor domination.
MODEL Twelve Hundred
(W x H x D)
213 X 582 X 513 mm

FRONT, 3 X 120mm Blue LED (included)
REAR, 2 X 120mm (included)
TOP/BOTTOM, 1 X 200mm (included)
SIDE, 1 x 120mm (optional)


Screw/Thumbscrew Mount Design
*3.5" bays use 5.25" size modular cages

POWER SUPPLY Not Included, PS/2 (ATX) or CPX Form Factor
WEIGHT 14.5kg Empty

I believe you, Antec. I never suspected you'd send me this box, and there would turn out to be a Lian Li in there or something. Oh look, more bragging points. I'll just get Mr. Fuji to zoom in a bit this time.

Again Antec brags about the cooling on this case. I suppose if you're a hardcore gamer, this probably is the most important thing. Well, aside from not falling apart when you try to mount your mainboard or something. Let's start unpacking... there's only so many box shots I can take without wanting to get them over with.

Ah, an owner's manual. Looks pretty thick, too. Let's have a look.

The manual includes about eight pages of useful installation information, reprinted in eight languages. To my delight, fan specs are also present on all included fans right down to static pressure and power draw.

This little diagram fell out when I opened the user manual. It's a little diagram of the connector pinouts. It's also completely useless, for many of the connectors depicted are missing essential info, like which pin on the USB connectors go to which pin on the mainboard. Fortunately, the manual itself supplies this information in far better detail.

Also included is a sheet detailing Antec's three year warranty on this puppy.

Ah, our first look at the TH. Looks pretty nice to these eyes so far, though I could have done without that latticework of dust collecting holes to either side of the "personal media player" tray on top.

Yeah, those holes up top are going to be hard to dust out. And they will gather dust in this house.

Now, you might think that there's only one window present in this case, and the place that side 120mm fan mounts is just an open grille. You'd be wrong - there's actually a second window under that grille.


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