Reviews - NorthQ Siberian Tiger II Water Cooler
Sample Provided by: NorthQ (By Tazz on Tue, Nov-18-2008)

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     When talking about a water cooling kits, most users will relate to a kit that requires you to install the individual components (radiator, blocks, pump, and hoses) followed with the tedious task of filling and maintaining the water cooling setup. The Siberian Tiger II (like the Siberian Tiger) water cooling kit will eliminate the extra headaches when it comes to water cooling.

     The packaging on the Siberian Tiger II is pretty simple and straight forward. The box shows off the bright glowing Blue LED fans mounted on the 240mm radiator. Listed on the front and back are the main features the kits offers.

  • Latest water cooling technology for main-stream market.
  • Super low noise and impressive performance.
  • Maintenance free, no need to refill water. Ever!
  • Guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours (5.5 years).
  • Supports socket 775 / AM2 / 939 / 940 / 754 / 478.
  • Simple and easy installation on both Intel and AMD systems.

     Opening the box up we get a glimpse at the kit and its accessories sandwiched between a couple of blister pack style plastic liners, which hold everything in place during shipping. Inside the box you will find the Siberian Tiger II cooling kit, four mounting brackets, two backing plates, two fan controllers, two 120mm Blue LED fans, mounting accessories, and the instruction manual.

     As we can see in the above photo, the system is contained like the original Siberian Tiger with the only difference between the Siberian Tiger II and the Siberian Tiger radiators. The installation process is going to be similar to that of the Siberian Tiger providing you have a case that can accept a 240mm radiator. If not, then installation will also require you to modify your existing chassis to accept the cooler. We will get into that a little later though.

     One of the biggest drawbacks is going to be the lack of expanding the unit. With the Siberian Tiger II being a sealed kit, you will not have the option to add another water block in the loop. The Siberian Tiger II is something a novice would start out with before diving into water cooling full force. This is a simple and effective way to quietly cool your CPU, which has its benefits over the standard air coolers on the market. The large radiator should allow the Siberian Tiger II to easily cool any standard processor configuration (socket 775 / AM2 / 939 / 940 / 754 / 478) and even some mild overclocking.

  • Pump: Proprietary AC/DC hybrid technology with high-precision ceramic bearings and RPM monitor (3pin).
  • Heat exchangers: 240 x 120mm.
  • Tubes: 35cm flexible steel tubes with plastic cover.
  • Fan: 2 x NorthQ Extreme silent 120mm FAN, with blue LED light, on/off light switch.
  • System performance: Rth ≈ 0.13 °C / W.
  • Liquid: Non-toxic, non-flammable liquid that does not expand with changes in temperature.
  • Complete Noise level: <20 dBA.
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours [MTTF].


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