Reviews - Corsair Flash Voyager Review - Part 2 (64GB)
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By Tazz on Fri, Nov-14-2008)

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Here we are with part two of our Corsair Voyager thumb drive review and this is where I get to introduce you to the mammoth 64GB Corsair Voyager thumb drive.

Like the smaller capacity 8GB we had a look at last time, the 64GB comes in a blister pack....

And as you can see, the drive is significantly larger than it's 8GB little brother.

Ironically, the 64GB gives Corsair more real-estate for advertising, yet the opted to use their shorter URL on the 64GB:

Here's the two Voyagers side by side in their packaging.....

The back of the package is different too....

The 64GB, on the left, has it's packaging "buldged out" in the back to house accessories that the 8GB did not come with. There are also more bullet points listed to reflect these now included accessories.


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