Reviews - Corsair Flash Voyager Review - Part 1 (8GB)
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By Tazz on Mon, Nov-10-2008)

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Today's review is actually the first part of a two part review. Recently, Corsair released their Voyager 64GB flash drive. 64GB? Good lord! That's 30 times larger than the hard drive I had 10 years ago! It's probably still larger than the hard drives of some of our readers. Unless you have a big MP3 or porn collection, 64GB is pretty hard to fill up.

So I ring up Corsair and ask for a sample. " Sure... we'd like for you to do a review, but exactly how are you going to review it?" Well... I've got this fist full of 8GB drives I could put it up against. "WHOA! Up against, how? It's not like you're going to tell readers that one drive is an 8GB and this Corsair is a 64GB so the Corsair wins because it's eight times larger, and it's really not fair to judge it on speed because, well, it's eight times larger and someone that's actually buying a 64GB drive because they need 64GB of storage isn't necessarily concerned with speed, are they?"

Fair enough. So how are we going to do this? Well... I have the "fist full of 8GB drives" so the only "fair" comparison for Corsair would be to compare a 8GB version of the Voyager against my current 8GB drives in both speed and features. Then, tomorrow, we'll take a look at that Corsair 8GB versus it's 64GB big brother.

First let's have a look at my two "baseline" flash drives. One drive is an 8GB Walton Chaintech Apogee "Classy", which can be found in the U.S. as a Super Talent DH Series. These are found typically online for around $20. The other drive is the infamous PNY Attaché 8GB. These are available in most retail outlets and typically for a very reasonable price (found recently at Circuit City, and not during a store closing sale, and Staples for under $30.)

The Corsair Voyager 8GB comes in a retail blister pack.

As of the writing of this review, the Corsair Voyager can be found for $25 to $30. A little more than what a Chaintech would cost you at e-tail, and about the same as the PNY in retail.

There are no accessories included with the Voyager 8GB, but to be perfectly honest, the PNY and Chaintech do not come with accessories either. What kind of accessories would I expect to come with a thumb drive? Well, at the very least a lanyard. Perhaps a bead-chain for putting on your key-ring? But the 8GB market is a tough one and is very cost competitive. Every little accessory costs money, so I'm sure there was good reason for not including these accessories.

The Voyager is housed in a durable rubber housing. The USB interface is covered with a rubber cap. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to put this cap when the drive is in use. By comparison, the Chaintech does not have anywhere to put it's cap while the drive is in use, but the PNY's cap can be placed on the back of the drive similar to how one puts a pen cap on the back of a pen whilst writing.

The back of the drive has Corsair's website URL on it, in case you need to see what non-rubberized thumb drive options Corsair may have to offer.


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