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Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Oct-12-2008)

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, this very website took a look at a brand new offering from Silverstone, the OP1000. At one kilowatt, that unit was designed to take on the competition in the then recently introduced PC Power and Cooling Turbocool. This article, written by our esteemed founder himself (now retired), pitted the two behemoths against each other. Back then, the OP1000 edged out the Turbocool by just a hair despite being a bit worse for ripple and noise.

Well, times have changed. Silverstone has decided to move on and update their 1kW Olympia offering using an Impervio based platform, and I for one am anxious to see what's changed. As we can see from the above box, the "E" in the OP1000-E stands for "evolution." If that isn't promising enough, maybe some of those bullet points will make you drool as well:

  • 1000W continuous power output rated up to 50°C
  • Class leading single +12V rail(s) with 80A
  • Low ripple & noise with ±3% voltage regulation
  • Six PCI-E 6 pin, dual PCI-E 8 pin
  • Silent running 120mm fan
  • Compact size (150mm) for easy integration

As is the norm with Silverstone units, there is indeed a side of the box that tells us we're getting a black power supply, among other interesting bits of information like a full load table. It's interesting to see a -5V spec up there all blanked out, despite the fact that this rail went bye-bye with the ATX 2.0 spec a long time ago.

On one side of the box, the bullet points from the front are repeated in nine other languages.

Another side of the box shows you what connectors we're dealing with in here, as well as a simple drawing of the unit. Say... do you think this is a 1000W power supply we're dealing with by any chance? I'm having a bit of trouble making that part out.

As always, an owner's manual greets us upon opening the box. I'll just open it up here to show you what it's about.

The manual is the usual Silverstone affair, lacking in installation instructions but including just about every specification possible on the unit itself.

Hooray! My box also contained a power supply!

And from the looks of it, there's a great big 14 AWG power cord that goes with it, too, as well as some screws and zip ties. Not to mention the ever present silica gel "don't eat this" packet. I guess with me being hungry, I'll just have to settle for eating part of the box. I had my hopes up there for a second.

The exterior is finished in the nice matte black I like. Another thing I like is how unobtrusive that little warranty sticker is. Some companies practically wallpaper their units in "warranty void" stickers.

A shot from another angle shows a couple other interesting stickers that, as it turned out, were covering up some itty bitty holes.


3.3V 5V 12V -12V 5VSB
28A 30A 80A 0.5A 4A
Max Power 180W 960W 6W 20W

One of the selling points of this unit is the single 12V rail, which is rated up to 960W all by itself. Many times I see on various forums that people are recommending such designs as being more stable than multiple 12V rail designs or reducing the chance of "trapped power," or overhead on one 12V rail while another is overloaded. These are myths. A properly designed unit is no more or less stable than a single 12V design; and as long as the engineers knew what they were doing, there's no chance of trapped power.

A quick inspection of the cabling reveals that the box was accurate on the cable counts. What the box didn't mention was, the sleeving only goes so far on this puppy. It doesn't go all the way into the enclosure, and those long 250mm lengths after the first SATA and Molex connector on each chain are completely unsleeved. Considering the lengths of these segments, there's a good chance of these cables getting all friendly with each other and tangling themselves up. You may recall that the two Impervio based Zeus 1200W units I reviewed here and here were a little better about sleeving these segments - I'd like to see this addressed.

Type of connector: Silverstone
ATX connector (550mm) 20+4 pin
4 x 2 12V EPS12V connector (560mm) 1
2 x 2 12V ATX12V connector (550mm) 1
SATA (520mm+250mm+250mm) 6
5.25" Drive connectors (520mm+250mm+250mm) 6
3.5" Drive connectors (+150mm) 2
8 x 2 PCIe (550mm) 2*
6 x 2 PCIe (550mm+150mm, +150mm) 4

Unit Dimensions(LxWxH)

150mm x 150mm x 86mm

*connectors are 6+2 pin modular type


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