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Sample Provided by: iStar USA (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Oct-05-2008)

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It is another glorious Monday here at the site, and yours truly has decided to be a little bit different this week. Well, I guess my behavior is a little different from the norm every week, but you know what I mean. Today I will be venturing into the world of the server/industrial market and testing my very first 2U form factor power supply.

It is iStar USA who gets the honor of providing my first server unit in the form of a Claypower CP-02046. This is a 460W solution built for those people who have a 2U (or two rack units in height) rackmount case, although it could also be adapted and used by enthusiasts when a smallish but powerful unit is called for.

As you can tell by the above picture, there ain't nothing fancy about this here server unit. It comes in a boring as heck brown box with a complete lack of fancy stickers, bullet points, or product information on the side. Your money gets you a 2U server grade power supply, and that's about it. About the only thing interesting on the box is the "GP" printed on it. I wonder what it stands for. Good Product? General Purpose? Grade P? Well, we'll just have to wait and see whether or not it turns out to be that last one. Meantime, let's go on and open up ye olde box of drabness.

Why, look! It's a power supply! And a power cord! And... uh... nothing else. Like I said... your money gets you a server power supply. None of those newfangled fancy things like zip ties, screws, or user manuals. It's presumed that if you just bought this thing, you already know what to do with it and how to hook it up. This is the case with most server units like this.

Not too much to add about this picture. It's shiny, it has a 60mm fan, and no power switch. The AC receptacle is your standard IEC C14 affair that just about every power supply and CRT monitor (with a few exceptions) on the planet uses.

"Tampering voids warranty," exclaimed the sticker near the bottom right of the picture. You know what I did about that? I tampered. I tampered hard core. But that's for page three.

It looks like our 60mm fan is provided by Adda.

As is often the case, iStar is not the OEM of this unit. The label helped me out with that mystery, when the UL file number of e178722 traced back to Power Research Technology, a company I had never even heard of let alone tested before. So, I'm in uncharted waters here with a brand new (to me) OEM. If you look closely, you can spot the exact PRT model used in this unit: PRX4606-2U. And let me tell you, nothing compares 2U. I hear groaning drowning out my Sinead O'Connor CD, so here's a table.

Claypower CP-02046

3.3V 5V 12V -12V 5VSB
20A 30A 35A 0.5A 3A
Max Power 150W 420W 6W 15W

What's unusual about the above table is that the 12V rating is a fair bit higher than you'd probably find in your usual 460W PS2 size consumer power supply. This unit is able to put down all of 420W on that rail, as long as you don't load it too far on the other rails at the same time. This is good if you're building a multiple CPU server... you'd need a fair bit of 12V gumption to keep things humming along.

You might be thinking to yourself that this unit doesn't seem all that well cabled, and you'd be right. Being designed for a 2U rackmount chassis, this puppy only gives you the bare necessities - the cables you're likely to need. A smattering of 5.25" connectors, a couple SATA connectors, and the connectors needed to plug in a server mainboard is all you get with the Claypower.

Type of connector: Claypower
ATX connector (510mm) 20+4 pin
4 x 2 12V EPS12V connector (500mm) 1
2 x 2 12V ATX12V connector (500mm) 1
SATA (340mm+150mm) 2
5.25" Drive connectors (500mm+150mm+150mm) 5
3.5" Drive connectors (+150mm) 1

Unit Dimensions(LxWxH)

200mm* x 100mm x 70mm

*215mm with L bracket

Now that you've had a chance to look over the spartan cable table for this unit, let's go on to the load testing.


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