Reviews - BFG BFGR650PSU 650W
Sample Provided by: BFG (By jonny on Thu, Jun-22-2006)

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     BFG Technologies is a brand most of us are familiar with when talking about video cards. Not too many people are aware that they have a decent selection of power supplies, from their 530W to the 650W I'm reviewing today.

     This is the first BFG power supply I've ever reviewed. In fact, this might be the first BFG power supply I've ever had in my hands. This particular unit is built by Topower. I don't believe the previous models from BFG were, and judging by the use of the term "Noise Killer" to describe the fans in the older models, versus the term "Silent Control Technology" used on this one, I think the older models might have been made by Sparkle. Don't quote me on that, though.

     Inside we see very typical signs of a Topower unit. The bubble-bag. The size and shape of the stickers on the packaging and unit itself, the velcro straps (shown below.) But which Topower unit is this based on?

     Once the power supply was removed from the bubble-bag, it was obvious to me which Topower power supply this was. The dead give away was the blue "Turbo Fan Switch" on the back of the power supply. This button switches the fan between full RPM and a thermostatically controlled RPM and is the exact same "Turbo Fan Switch" as the ePower Zumax X3 ZU-650W.

     ePower is, of course, the retail brand of Topower. The two companies are one in the same. My only problem with the similarity between the Zumax and BFG models is the price.

     The BFG Tech 650W will run you $120.49 at Chiefvalue. Not really a bad price, but the ePower 650W will run you a mere $66 at eWiz or $70 at xPCgear or $74 at Mwave.


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