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Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Aug-17-2008)

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Greetings, everyone. It is time, once again, to get Silverstoned with me. This time, our addiction shall be to the modular version of the Zeus 1200W I reviewed earlier, the ZM1200M. Y'all will have to excuse me on this one - I had a big tooth pulled on Thursday, and I'm not sure the medication has worn off yet. Not sure the medication has... I'm not sure the... hang on a second. Ah, yes, there we go. As it turned out, I needed more medication. Advil, to be precise.

The ibuprofen as it turns out is not the only medication I have today to help relieve my pain. I also have this big Silverstone too look at, and it is my hope that it will at least meet if not exceed its non modular sibling in performance, thus making me forget all about my sore jaw. Above, we see the usual cardboard shot that starts off every review. As the box is pretty similar to the ZU1200M's box, I'm going to just skim over this part. Class leading six or single 12V, just like the other Zeus. Rated at 50 degrees, just like the other Zeus. 1% regulation, just like the other Zeus. Wait, didn't the other Zeus fail to deliver 1%? We'll see about that in the hot box.

Modular? And the ATX cable comes off too? Awesome! GTX 280 3 way SLI ready? Awesomer! Then again, with 95A available on the 12V, this thing had darn well better be able to power three of these things. Four of them, even. It's just a matter of having the right connectors.

Oh, goodie. The color is specified again - black. There are a few more specs and a load table on this side of the box, but nothing remarkably different than the ZU1200M's box . Except the picture of the unit itself, that is. Wait is that... yes, I think it is... the color black! Wow! Truth in advertising strikes again!

The back of the box, and all its bragging points about the unit's design. My mouth is in pain, and I want to finish this up so I can lie down, so I'll get lazy on you here and just copy and paste from the ZU1200M:

  • D/D module of 5V and 3.3V for better load regulation 4 pieces extracted aluminum heat sink, improving cooling performance
  • High precision OCP sensing resistor
  • High reliability six Japanese filtering capacitors
  • 2 +12V CS330060-E filtering choke for 1200W requirement
  • 6 IR's MOS rectifier, more reducing loss and increasing efficiency than conventional diodes
  • Full bridge 1200W transformer, with smaller size performing 100% completed output
  • Excellent MOS, increased heat sink surfaces, improving cooling performance
  • 6x32 input high-speed blowing fuse, preventing excessive failure
  • (Relay) Lower impedance, increasing efficiency, degrading inrush current
  • High performance Infineon's PFC MOSFET
  • High precision OCP sensing resistor
  • 105°C, 450V, two Japanese primary capacitors at 390uF, above industry standard, efficiency performance equal to 560uF, 85°C, 400

Our final look at the box is a picture of some of the included connectors. We'll see if this count is accurate later on. Meantime, let's get this thing unpacked.

Wow, that's a long power supply right there. 230mm, counting the modular connectors. The manual is the same smallish affair I remembered from the ZU1200M. Looks like there's a lot of extra stuff in this box, so I'll just finish unpacking.

In what comes as a disappointment to me, the included power cord is 16 gauge. You'll recall that the ZU1200M came with a 14 gauge, which I would have preferred from something this powerful.

You'll notice that next to the power cord is a modular cable that did not come bundled with the others. Instead, it was in the bag with the power cable. This, friends, is the third 6+2 pin PCI-E cable that makes this unit triple 280 compatible. Also included was a handy carrying case for the modular cables, seen at the bottom of the above picture, and a small bag of zip ties and screws.

Just barely visible on the left side of this picture is a small hole in the side of the unit. Through this hole is the switch that converts the unit to single 12V mode. On for single, off for sextuple. What this switch really does is disable the multiple 12V overcurrent protection... that's it. Since the unit's capacity is evenly divided among six 12V rails that you can pick and choose from on the modular panel you are unlikely to need to set this unit to single, but the functionality is there should you desire the ability to compete with the PC Power and Cooling and Corsair set.

You'll notice that in the above shot, there is a double row of grille slots near the front of the unit. These go all the way around, and are the only means of air intake for the unit, except for a small row below the modular connector panel. Here's a better look:

The big connector is, obviously, for the main ATX cable. The smaller three pin connector is also for the ATX cable, providing voltage sensing connectivity to that cable. Below the big connector are four six pin connectors for the SATA and PATA cables, while over on the right there are six eight pin connectors for the EPS and PCI-E cables.

The bottom of the unit carries this here sticker showing what does what and goes where. I did some experimenting, and discovered that these connectors are all pin compatible with each other - you can plug the wrong cables into the wrong connectors. But, these are all wired to be electrically compatible. You can plug the EPS cables into the PCI-E connectors, and they will work. But, it's best to go by the sticker.

Speaking of stickers, here's the one with the load table. I'll go ahead and do another double table, just like the ZU1200M.


3.3V 5V 12V1 12V2 12V3 12V4 12V5 12V6 -12V 5VSB
28A 30A 17A 17A 17A 17A 17A 17A 0.5A 4A
Max Power 180W 1140W 6W 20W


3.3V 5V 12V -12V 5VSB
28A 30A 95A 0.5A 4A
Max Power 180W 1140W 6W 20W

Ah, we're down to the tentacle shot. You know what that means, right? Correct, it's time for another Advil. Oh, and another table.

Type of connector: Silverstone ZM1200M
ATX connector (530mm) 24 pin
4 x 2 12V EPS12V connector (740mm) 2*
2 x 3 PCIe (550mm) 2
2 x 4 PCIe (550mm) 3**
2 x 3 PCIe (+150mm) 3
SATA (500mm+250mm+250mm) 6
5.25" Drive connectors (480mm+250mm+250mm) 6
3.5" Drive connectors (+150mm) 2

Unit Dimensions(LxWxH)

220mm*** x 150mm x 86mm

*one EPS12V splits apart for ATX12V connectivity
**connectors are 6+2 pin modular type
***230mm with connectors


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