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Sample Provided by: Antec (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-28-2008)

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Antec is no stranger to I daresay anyone and everyone reading these, the words that are coming out of my fingers. While Antec is probably best known for their cases, they are equally well known for their power supply offerings. Not all that long ago, the company experienced a not insignificant amount of embarrassment when their Truepower and Smartpower lines started racking up complaints due to capacitors that failed prematurely due to heat.

The response to this epidemic of failing units turned out to be a major revamping of their offerings. No longer did they rely on Channel Well Technology as a source for their units. Instead, they went to Seasonic and Fortron-Source. But, Seasonic and FSP didn't satisfy them on the high end, so they gave Enhance a go in the Truepower Quattro line. Alas, Antec hit some rocks along that path too, when reports of TPQ units not behaving themselves with certain high powered video cards came rolling in, although this was later determined to not be the PSU's fault.

And then, along came that upstart company we all know as Corsair; and suddenly Antec had a very serious threat to contend with. Not only that, Corsair was building some of their top notch units using the very OEM that Antec had moved away from. What was Antec to do? Well, they called up another company. A company known for server grade "reliable as the day is long" units. A company with very little market presence in North America outside the server realm.

That company is Delta Electronics, and Antec's answer to not only the Corsair crowd but also the PC Power and Cooling crowd is called the Signature series. Today, I'm looking at the current flagship of that line, the SG-850.

Our first glimpse of the Signature 850W is this here fancy looking box. Actually, if you look closely, that's a cardboard sleeve covering the box. Antec really wants you to think this unit is something special, it seems. It better be, for a $299 MSRP.

The only useful information on the sleeve is this load table, accompanied by an impressive 80 Plus Bronze logo, some certification logos, and the familiar nVidia SLI Ready logo. Hmm... going by that load table, I have to say I doubt running two video cards of any type will be a problem for this thing.

Sleeve off, lid off, and we get even more fancy packing. A cardboard divider with a square hole cut for that there fancy owner's manual is what we see here. A quick flip through the manual reveals it to be in multiple languages, in full color. Hey, what's that white paper, there?

Huh... looks like a birth certificate. Or a test report. Yeah... it's a test report with "PASSED" marked next to a bunch of cool tests that were apparently done on this unit before it met the box. Nice. Let's pull the PSU out now and see what's underneath.

Why, more packaging, of course. The modular cables and power cable can be found below that divider. I'll just get the whole thing unpacked and posed for you now.

Let's do a head count. Power supply? Check. Test report? Check. Owner's manual? Check. Screws? Check. Silica DO NOT EAT gel package? Check. Power cord? Check. Modular cables? Check. Checkers? Uh, nope. Checkmate on the checkers, Charlie.

I just had to show you the test report up close and personal, if for no other reason to show just what load levels 80 Plus tests at to come by their certifications. Pass at full power, 90 VAC? Drool... that's impressive.

As you can see, this unit is 80mm fan cooled. Sigh... I gotta admit I'm still a bit leery of such fans after that Seventeam screamer from last week. But, we'll see how it goes. Antec tells me this here is a PWM fan, so there is a chance it's more tightly controlled than the usual fans. The high efficiency should help a fair bit as well. Less heat means less fannage needed.

Back panel showing both the hardwired cables and modular connectors. Those connectors interchange among themselves... red and black can be swapped freely. Small labels to the sides show which 12V rail these are hooked into.

Those 12V rails' overcurrent protections seem set mighty high, don't they? I'm going to tell you right now, with the OCP set high enough to allow so much current to the 12V rails, there's almost no chance of that mythical trapped power thing certain companies would like you to be afraid of so you'll only buy their units and nobody else's. Here's a table for you.


















Max Power






The SG-850 is capable of a staggering 65A combined on the 12V rails, something not too many 850W units can boast. And considering who the OEM is, you better believe I'm going to test that figure in the load testing.

As always, tentacles both amputate-able and hardwired round out page one. There are two 8 pin PCI-E and two 6 pin PCI-E, which should serve for just about any dual video card combination on the planet. Got hard drives? There are enough connectors here to power a small city's worth of them. Nine 5.25" Molex, nine SATA, and you can use them all at the same time. I like the use of those plastic beads to terminate the sleeving, too.

12V rail distribution is thus:

12V1 - black modular connectors, Molexes, SATA
12V2 - EPS12V, ATX12V connectors
12V3 - one red modular connector, PCI-E 8 pin #1
12V4 - other red modular connector, PCI-E 8 pin #2

There you have it - each of your watt hogger video cards can have a whole 25A 12V rail to itself. Ain't nothing I can think of that'll overdraw that.

Type of connector: Antec SG-850
ATX connector (550mm) 20+4 pin
4 x 2 12V Xeon/EPS connector (540mm) 1
2 x 2 12V connectors (560mm) 1
2 x 4 PCIe (570mm) 2*
5.25" Drive connectors (550mm+150mm+150mm) 3
3.5" Drive connectors (+150mm) 1
SATA (550mm+150mm+150mm) 3

Modular Cables

2 x 3 PCIe (550mm) 2
5.25" Drive connectors (550mm+150mm+150mm) 6
SATA (570mm+150mm+150mm) 6

Unit Dimensions(LxWxH)

180mm x 150mm x 85mm

*connectors are 6+2 pin modular type


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