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CoolIt Domino ALC CPU Cooler
When it comes to water cooling a PC, there is still a number of users out there that cringe at the thought of having water in their chassis. Although they are focusing on the negative side of the combination, the use of water cooling in a PC has come a long way over the last few years. With the increase in popularity of water cooling, manufactures are creating more user friendly water cooling options for those that don't want to dive in head first. The CoolIT Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) system is just one of the examples available to the public wanting to get their feet wet with water cooling. The Domino ALC allows a user to cool his/her CPU with water while taking a lot of the hassles that come with water cooling out of the picture. Is the Domino ALC what you're looking for? Read on to find out.
Permalink (By Tazz on Sun, Aug-02-2009)
NorthQ Siberian Tiger II Water Cooler
Back at the end of April, I took a look at the NorthQ Siberian Tiger water cooling kit. Today we are taking a look at the Siberian Tiger II water cooling kit, which is the bigger brother due to its use of a 240mm radiator compared to the little brothers 120mm radiator. Will the extra liquid capacity, increased radiator size, and dual 120mm fans give it the edge you're looking for? Well let's jump in and find out.
Permalink (By Tazz on Tue, Nov-18-2008)
NorthQ Siberian Tiger Water Cooler
     To water cool or not to water cool? What are the benefits and downfalls to water cooling? There are several questions you need to ask yourself before diving into water cooling. NorthQ offers a simple solution to some of the problems for those users that are looking to get their feet wet with water cooling. Does this still leave some potential problems?
Permalink (By Tazz on Wed, Apr-23-2008)
Kingwin Gladiator GA-10025BK
     CPU coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Today, I will be testing the Kingwin Gladiator which promises to push the limits of both shape and size; as well as introduce the concept of water cooling to a smaller form factor that anyone can install. Let's see how it does.
Permalink (By Oklahoma Wolf on Wed, Aug-08-2007)
Four Way CPU Cooler Shootout
     In a woooorld obsessed with global warming... in a tiiiime when people are looking to be as cool as possible... one man... has four CPU coolers to test. Coming to this website *right now*, see the review at least two people are talking about. See... "The 4 Way CPU Cooler Shootout."
Permalink (By Oklahoma Wolf on Wed, Jun-20-2007)
Corsair Nautilus 500
     The most obvious advantage of having everything in one unit is that the assembly has a very clean look. Furthermore, it makes assembly easier and the margin of error that could result in a leak is reduced because there are less hose connections to make than your traditional home brew water cooling ensemble.
Permalink (By jonny on Mon, Jan-15-2007)
Ultra ChillTEC CPU Cooler
     The pursuit of overclocking demands one thing above all others: keeping things cool. Today, we will find out if Ultra will help us acheive that end using a mixture of Peltier technology and traditional air cooling. And, can it be done silently?
Permalink (By Oklahoma Wolf on Mon, Dec-11-2006)

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