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PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 500W Power Supply
Almost a year ago our own JonnyGURU took a look at the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 600W power supply. Today we are going to take a look at one of the little brothers, the Silencer Mk III 500W. This will give us a chance to see if there's been any major changes that have taken place over the last year. While there should only be a few small differences between the 600W and 500W versions, the overall design should be fairly consistent. So let's see how this unit stacks up against the older brother.
Permalink (By Tazz on Sat, Sep-07-2013)
Death of a Gutless Wonder III: The Labors of Hercules
It's late. You're looking at your online bank balance, feeling discouraged. All you want to do is finish your computer build, but you forgot to budget for a new power supply. You have thirty dollars you can spend. What to do? You scour vendor listings. You hit eBay. That's when you find it... a twenty dollar Hercules 500 watt power supply. You think to yourself, "Hey, there's an idea. I could run that one for a little while until I can afford something better." But is this a wise move? What could go wrong if you only have to depend on the cheap one for a week? Come inside, and be enlightened.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Dec-03-2012)
Seasonic G Series 550W
Not too long ago, we had a look at our first Seasonic G Series unit. Weighing in at 360 watts, it was yet another amazing power supply from what is arguably the company to beat these days when it comes to fantatic performing units. Now, I've got the 550 watt version on my bench. We're going to see if Seasonic's winning streak continues.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-26-2012)
Kingwin Power Force PF-850
We've seen a few Kingwin units in our day, and most of them have been awesome, due in large part to exceptional Superflower built innards. Today, I'm looking at something new - the Power Force 850 watt unit. This one does not come out of the Superflower factories, and I for one am anxious to see if Kingwin can hit their target on this one - an 850W unit that performs well but does not break our wallets in the process. Let's find out now.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-12-2012)
Corsair AX860i 860W Power Supply
It was just 3 months ago when we had the pleasure of looking at a truly innovative PSU, the Corsair AX1200i. Today Corsair is expanding their Digital PSU Line Up with the release of the AX860i and the AX760i, as well as the AX860 and the AX760 analog models. What does that mean for users? Well it should mean that we have tighter voltage regulation, lower ripple and noise, and high energy-efficiency available to us at a cheaper price than that of the AX1200i. We are going to put the AX860i through the same testing process we used on the AX1200i, we want to see it perform just as good if not better than its big brother. So why don't you grab your morning cup of Joe and enjoy the read.
Permalink (By Tazz on Tue, Nov-06-2012)
Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G 650W
It's been a little while since I looked at a unit from Silverstone, but that's going to change today. Silverstone's updating their venerable Strider series with a new line of units that offer 80 Plus Gold efficiency and yet still manage to end up being fully modular in a housing with less depth than most of the competition. I've got the 650 watt model on my bench today.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-05-2012)
Delta DPS-1200QB-B Power Supply
I recently took a look at the Delta DPS-500YB-B power supply, which left me wanting better minor rail voltage regulation, along with a more competitive price. Today I am taking a look at a larger unit in the DPS lineup, the DPS-1200QB-B. The DPS500YB-B was in the 1U Non-Redundant class, where as this unit comes from the Pedestal class. So the DPS-1200QB-B will be a little closer to what we are normally looking at here at
Permalink (By Tazz on Thu, Nov-01-2012)
Cooler Master Silent Pro Platinum 1000W
The 7V rail. We first saw such a beast in October of last year, when Cooler Master released the way cool Silent Pro Hybrid unit that came with its own standalone fan controller. Today, the 7V fan only rail makes its re-appearance in another Cooler Master unit, the Silent Pro Platinum. This is an updated 1kW unit with Platinum efficiency, but is lacking the separate fan controller the Hybrid unit came with. Let's find out what it's like.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-29-2012)
Delta DPS-500YB-B 500W
Every now and then we get requests from companies to look at various items. If we hit a slow spell on the power supply side, we might occasionally toss in a Case or a CPU Cooler to keep the guys busy. Today we are going to push the boundaries a little bit, but not enough to change categories. We had a request to take a look at a couple of Delta server based units and today's focus is on the Delta DPS-500YB-B 1U server power supply.
Permalink (By Tazz on Mon, Oct-22-2012)
Seasonic G Series 360W
Seasonic's been on fire lately. For the last little while, we've seen nothing but awesomeness from them when it comes to powerful, efficient, and stable power supply designs. Today, they've sent me one of their G series units at 360 watts promising the same outstanding performance in a much smaller and more economical unit. Let's find out if Seasonic's about to storm the value market.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-15-2012)
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