News - Worlds Most Powerful: Wicked Lasers The Torch

Worlds Most Powerful: Wicked Lasers The Torch

In today's world, the term [electric] torch is often used simultaneously with flashlight. But remember why torches were called 'torches' in the first place? Because these portable open fires have some real burning power (After all, it does carry real fire and fuel) in addition to, well, some lighting ability. On the other hand, a conventional flashlight has practically zero designed fire power, as its purpose is to provide light; and depending on what you have, most consumer units have a very poor range.

When I think of 'torch', Wicked Laser's The Torch comes into my mind. Why?

It's called The Torch for a really good reason -- simply put, it can burn things, and no, I'm not kidding. But unlike conventional fire torches, it has nothing short of incredible brightness and range. Carrying a 100W bulb powered by a massive nickel-metal hydride battery, anything within several inches of The Torch will definitely begin to burn in seconds. Meanwhile, other than its insane ability to transfer heat over short distances, The Torch is also insanely bright with an amazing range. We'll show you some photos in just a moment. With a brightness rating of 4,100 ANSI lumens, it's roughly twice as bright as an average home theater LCD projector. They call it The Torch world's most powerful flashlight (As currently reviewed by Guinness World Records) with a very good reason. Excited? We won't keep you waiting. Not excited yet? That's also a very good reason for you to read on. @ APH Networks


Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Fri, Oct-31-2008)

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