News - Gigabyte Odin GT 550W power supply review up at HardwareCanucks

Gigabyte Odin GT 550W power supply review up at HardwareCanucks

Our second favorite Canadian (sorry SKYMTL  Call me bias but Oklahoma Wolf is our #1 Canadian) has just put up his latest review over at HardwareCanucks.  This review is of the very unique Gigabyte Odin GT 550W.

From what SKYMTL reports, this looks like a ROCK SOLID CWT built unit with high efficiency, but the price is so high that there's a longer list of contenders that are just as good for less money that it just doesn't make sense.

Why is it so expensive?  Well, first there's the special USB interface that allows the user to monitor and control voltage, fan speed and even alarm if power consumption exceeds a certain threshold.  Is this worth the extra money?  Well, I seem to think that the idea is neat, but SKYMTL found the program to be buggy as well as a resource hog.

Also, the PSU uses copper heatsinks.  While copper does dissipate heat better than typical aluminum heatsinks, the price of copper is currently through the roof and it's simply not necessary. 

Make sure you check out the fully review at HardwareCanucks.


Printer Friendly(Author: jonny - On Tue, Jul-17-2007)

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