News - SilverStone Shows Off New PSUs At Computex

SilverStone Shows Off New PSUs At Computex

The SX800-LTI has rather weak minor rails, but its powerful +12V rail is what matters the most in today's systems.

Besides the SX800-LTI we also had the chance to see the new high-end Titanium SilverStone unit (ST-1500TI) with 1.5 kW capacity. SilverStone's Titanium family of products will also include two more high-capacity members, the ST-1300TI and the ST-1000TI. In total the product family will count six members with capacities ranging from 600W to 1500W. All Titanium SilverStone units are made by Enhance Electronics and are fully modular.

SilverStone also revealed two new Gemini PSUs, made by FSP, which offer the highly-desired redundancy advantage in a normal ATX chassis. Each Gemini unit consists of two smaller, equal capacity PSUs. If one of these PSUs fails the other one takes over immediately, so there is no disruption to the system's proper operation.

Both Gemini units are made by FSP and we know for sure that the lower capacity one features a digital interface, which lets you monitor the PSU's status through a software suite. The low capacity Gemini unit includes two PSUs with 500W max power each, while the top model uses two 900W PSUs. There are no modular cables, since this would complicate the design, and only one of the two PSUs can be active at a time. This whole concept sounds very interesting and we believe that some users will be thrilled by the option of having a redundant, server-grade PSU in a normal ATX chassis. @ Tom's Hardware

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