News - Rosewill Thor Full Tower Chassis Review

Rosewill Thor Full Tower Chassis Review

Rosewill has delivered me a chassis that really made me think. While I sit here and try to put my finger on where this case design actually came from, it confuses me more and more. What I have been able to deduce is this is basically a HAF 932 that took on a major redesign along with adding things that make me think it resembles other chassis'. Basically, what I see is the basic concept resembles the HAF 932, but has been stretched taller inside by removing the top power supply mount. So what is the benefit to giving the interior the rack treatment? In this instance it opened the chassis to allow for XL-ATX motherboards, added space for another hard drive, and in the back the chassis can support up to 10 expansion cards. Seems all good so far!

What throws me off in the design are two major elements. The left door panel has a cool mesh window that very much resembles what I have seen from IN WIN designs. The only thing making me think against it is that the grommets for the screws are black instead of the IN WIN green I am used to on this design. To be honest, I much prefer the black! The second element that throws me is the plastic front and top. While the front has an innovative trick up its sleeve, the top ventilation resembles what would typically be seen on a Raven design. Then as I am typing this, one of my friends from the UK mentions to me it has a similar OEM to his Xigmatek Utgard; it seems like quite the conglomeration of cases to take the fine points from. @ TweakTown

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Thu, Mar-31-2011)

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