News - MSI R6870 Review

MSI R6870 Review

A year on from the release of the Cypress based HD5870 and HD5850, AMD are looking at refreshing their line-up of cards with some new offerings. Any graphics card release is met by a certain level of hype and following the huge success of the HD5XXX series, consumers have every right to expect more great things from AMD. However, in a confusing turn of events, today's release is aimed at targeting the mid-range market as opposed to the traditional method of releasing the high end cards first to create a halo effect. More confusing is AMD's bold choice of renaming their new series of cards to reflect an entirely refreshed product range, as opposed to intuitively carrying the moniker we've been accustomed to seeing since the HD3870 launched a few years back. Typically, the X870 naming convention has been reserved for ATI's high end offerings, but under the new AMD logo rebrand, they have decided that the moniker will now symbolise their mid-range segment. The confusion arises in the fact that consumers accustomed to the old naming scheme will confuse this new card as the replacement to the Cypress based HD5870, when in fact it will replace the Juniper based HD5770. @ Vortez

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Sat, Oct-23-2010)

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