News - MSI N460GTX HAWK GeForce GTX 460

MSI N460GTX HAWK GeForce GTX 460

The slew of NVIDIA GTX 460 video cards that hit the market in the last month was impressive. Everybody wanted as much of the pie as they could get, which was not surprising given the level of performance that the GTX460 offers for the cost. On almost every level, the GTX 460 was a game-changer for Fermi. Some vendors weren't satisfied with putting a label on the reference design, and MSI is one of them. The N460GTX HAWK that Benchmark Reviews is looking at today is a brand new board design with advanced features no one else can match. They also adapted their Twin Frozr II cooling design for the HAWK, and bumped up the heatpipe count to four. To top it all off, the new version of MSI Afterburner can control voltage levels for three diferent subsystems. This could be the GTX460 that all the hard core overclockers have been waiting for. @ Benchmark Reviews

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Mon, Sep-27-2010)

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