News - Micca MPLAY-HD Digital Media Player Review

Micca MPLAY-HD Digital Media Player Review

While the MPLAY-HD digital media player does not stream videos over a network like the Patriot Box Office or aforementioned QNAP NMP-1000, it commands a price tag of only $60 at press time -- and it offers two USB 2.0 ports to which anyone can attach their external storage devices with media files and play them from pretty much any TV. All you really need now is one massive external hard drive (Which can be purchased from the money you have saved from buying a network enabled player) to store those illegally obtained... I mean, movies and audio that you have legitimately purchased from your local media shop and online stores, haha. Meanwhile, we fired one up to see how it works out in real life. Read on to see what we found! @ APH Networks

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Wed, Aug-25-2010)

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