News - ASUS ARES Radeon HD5870X2 Video Card

ASUS ARES Radeon HD5870X2 Video Card

Last season saw an ASUS MARS limited edition graphics card model, based on a doubled NVIDIA GeForce GTX285. We thought at the time that the name Mars must stem from the name of the Roman god of war. We’re positive about that now, since the model we’re presenting today is carrying the name of the Greek war god. It seems that ASUS was let down by NVIDIA in terms of interesting products this year, worthy of modifications ASUS’ design section can make, so the logical choice was ATI with their very popular Radeon HD 5970. As ASUS can allow themselves unlimited resources in creating special edition models, designers were obviously left unrestrained, with the slogan “only the best and with zero compromise”. The plan with ARES HD 5970 was simple - eliminate all problems that companies are facing because of the limited budget that the cards have to fit in. If this makes you think that the card we’re about to review is bound to be incredibly expensive and not intended for mortals - you’re right. This card costs 1200€… @ InsideHW

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Wed, Jul-14-2010)

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