News - Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 128GB, 32GB Flash Drive Review

Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 128GB, 32GB Flash Drive Review

Flash drive capacities are growing larger and larger at 32GB and beyond, but with write speeds limited to around 17MB/s or less, you could be spending quite some time in order to fill a drive to capacity. Though this may not matter if you're only looking to move a few Excel files, if you need to move high resolution photos or HD video from place to place, you could be in for a world of hurt. Enter Corsair's Flash Voyager GTR series, billed as the fastest flash drives we'll likely ever see before USB 3.0 becomes the norm. With advertised write speeds of 28MB/s or greater, could these new drives actually put an end to all of the silent profanities? Can we hold Corsair to their numbers? Will my pocketbook spontaneously burst into flames? Discover the answers to these and more, after the jump. @ Everything USB

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-12-2010)

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