News - Acbel Polytech iPower880 at Hardware Secrets

Acbel Polytech iPower880 at Hardware Secrets

Gabriel tears down and slaughters an AcBel Polytech iPower 660W unit. Well what can I say? This unit is a disaster on all counts and seems to be a complete con job from a practical point of view. The build quality is horrid (the toroids seem very prone to saturation, missing components on the silkscreen, PCB rated for lower wattage), component choice is dodgy and it cannot put out more than half its rated output in a realistic load scenario (40 C as opposed to 25 C). 

It does give the Best-buy Rocketfish units a run for for its money in the crapola department. What is shocking is that usually OEMS are the ones who provide realistic data and the re-badgers are the ones who mark up the power specs, but it is the reverse here.  Stay away folks, stay far away from this time-bomb. 

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Printer Friendly(Author: SuperNade - On Wed, May-14-2008)

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